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The site is offering FREE information and content. It is also solely funded by the publisher.

In order to continue providing free content and to offset operating expenses, I have added advertising on this site.

Ads have been placed on the site and are clearly labeled as such. Please be informed that each time you click on any of the links to products and/or services, I will receive a referral commission in case you purchase anything. However, income is not guaranteed by the presence of such ads.

The ads do not have any influence on the content I present. It is the content that has a bearing on the ad. Google ads you see on the site are determined by Google and its advertisers.

Exceptions are the affiliate partners that I have chosen to work with such as: Amazon and Solo Build It. Your Cancer Prevention Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to recommends certain products and/or services. If any product or service is endorsed, it is based on an informed decision to benefit my readers first and foremost. However, the publisher is not responsible, or cannot be held liable in any way for what occurs once you have entered into an agreement or made a purchase with one of the recommended providers.

By clicking on various purchase links found on this site, you agree to support my efforts and commitment to continue providing free reliable information on cancer prevention.

Your Cancer Prevention does not have a banner or link sharing program. Please use the Contact Me form for questions or for requests to advertise.

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