Healthy Eating Plans for Cancer Prevention

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Healthy eating plans include different types of diet which aim to make your body a hostile host to diseases like cancer. These eating guidelines come in different names such as anti- cancer, vegetarian, raw vegan and Mediterranean diets.

If you scrutinize each one of these healthy eating guidelines, you will notice a pattern in them. They have something in common which is fruits and vegetables. These two kinds of food are essential part of all cancer prevention diets.

To eat the healthy way benefits you in a lot of ways. Every medical expert in the world today agrees that a healthy lifestyle, which includes nutritious diets or eating plans, is the key to prevention of chronic inflammation. Inflammation inside you should be prevented because it leads to major diseases like cancer.

According to Teri L. Burgess-Champoux, PhD, the author of a study done by researchers from the University of Minnesota, “If parents set a precedent of serving healthy foods at family meals while their kids are young, the children are more likely to adopt good eating habits as they grow up.”

So, try to get rid of unhealthy eating habits for your children's sake (that is, if you have children). If you don't have kids, then do it for yourself.

Examples of Healthy Eating Plans

1. Anti-Cancer Diet

What can you eat if you're on this type of diet? Fruits, vegetables, more fish than meat and absolutely no processed foods and white flour. Sugar consumption is also a no-no. Only the healthy oils are allowed such as olive and canola oils.

Here is a book that speaks about the diet in-depth. The Anti-Cancer, A New Way of Life was written by the late Dr. David Servan-Schreiber.

Dr. David was given 6 months to live after being diagnosed with brain cancer when he was 31 years old. He defied the 6 months sentence his doctor gave him and went on to live for 16 years before succumbing to the disease.

How did he manage to survive 16 more years without cancer? He wrote everything he did in his book. It is highly recommended for those with cancer and even for those who don't.

The anti-cancer diet is life-changing and is empowering because it makes you realize that you can start on something that you have total control over which is the food you choose to eat.

2. Vegetarian Diet

This is also another one of the healthful eating plans. It is basically plant-based although, vegetarianism can take different forms such as vegans, lacto-vegetarians, lacto-ovo vegetarians and semi-vegetarians.

You should consider adding more greens to your plate. Or better yet, why not consider becoming a vegan? Plant-based eating plans will provide your body with so much health benefits.

3. Organic Diet

It encourages consumption of organic food more often than conventional ones. Organic food differs from conventional ones in the way it is produced.

Why are organic foods better? Foods produced from organically grown or raised sources are superior in terms of nutrition. They are free from harmful pesticides, antibiotic residues and hormones.

4. Raw Foods Diet

raw foods

The raw foods eating plans have variations but all of them advocate consumption of uncooked, unprocessed and unheated foods. Those who follow it believe that cooking destroys most of the enzymes in foods which serve as nutrition for the cells of your body. These enzymes are essentials for body functions.

One division of raw foodism is the raw vegan diet in which only raw plant foods such as fruits, all kinds of vegetable, nuts, seeds and sprouts, seaweeds.

Raw foodism also espouses that it is hard for your system to digest and absorb food that is cooked. Cooking also destroys many nutrients especially vitamin C.

Overcooked food is worse as it can turn into toxins. Illness starts when the body is full of toxins that it can’t eliminate. In fact, a raw diet of plant foods is one of the methods on natural colon cleansing.

A slimmer and healthier you is the best benefit of starting a raw food diet.

5. Mediterranean Diet

The main staples of a Mediterranean meal are fruits, vegetables and plenty of the good fats also known as monounsaturated fats like those in olive oil.

The Mediterranean type of diet is good for your health. It works really well for colon and breast cancer prevention.

You Can Eat Healthily!

To choose healthier foods may be difficult but it's not impossible. You just have to make the decision that you will.

Next, you have to learn the guidelines on healthy eating plans. You should have a plan or a guide on healthy foods that prevent cancer. You should try to consume more fiber rich foods because they are better for you.

Finally, you have to make a commitment that you are ready to reap the many benefits healthy foods can provide you and your family.

The fad eating plans in the market today promise to make you lose weight by eliminating one or two of the necessary sources of nutrients like carbohydrates.

I researched and read on the different diet plans that are popular these days. Many eating plans sell themselves as a means to lose weight and be sexy. This is beneficial because the dangers being overweight are risk factors for cancers affecting the breasts and the colon.

But I believe that a diet’s primary purpose should be to make you healthy and to aid in disease prevention. Fortunately, there are eating plans that help you become healthy and aid in the prevention against illnesses.

So have you decided to adopt one of the healthy eating plans? Congratulations because you have decided to eat your way to prevention of many diseases.

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