The Leading Types of Cancer

What are the leading types of cancer? They are the different types that occur frequently. There are cancers that are common in one country and rare in another.

The types of tumor include two categories: the most common and the rare.

The Most Common Leading Types

How can a type be considered prevalent? According to the National Cancer Institute, there must be a minimum of 35,000 new cases identified in one year. As of today, at least 25,000 new cases are diagnosed every year.

The list includes two of the world's most common as well as all leading types that cause most number of deaths.

Skin Cancer

Among the different types, this is the most common. It is estimated that over 1 million new cases are diagnosed every year. But prevention is very possible with common sense if you know its major cause.

There are 3 types of skin tumor: the basal and squamous cell carcinomas and melanoma.

Lung Cancer

Of all the cancers, the type that affects your lungs is one of the most aggressive. It is also very deadly, causing the most number of deaths due to the disease. The major risk factor for tumors in the lungs is smoking. Thus, the best step on prevention is either don't smoke or dump the vice.

The Rare Leading Types

How is a type of tumor considered rare? When its number of diagnosed cases are less than the minimum of 35,000 every year.

The cervical type used to be one of the leading types of cancer but is now regarded as rare compared to endometrial and ovarian types. This is true only in developed and rich countries because of affordability and availability of pap smears and vaccines.

Vaccines are used as prevention against certain types of human viruses such as the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

The list of rare types includes:

Stomach Cancer

This type is rare in the United States but is prevalent in countries like Japan, Korea, China, parts of Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Primary Bone Cancer

There are a lot of different types of bone cancer and all of which are rare. In fact, less than than 500 cases are diagnosed in the United Kingdom annually.

The tumor affecting your bones is classified as sarcoma.

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