The 7 Warning Signs of Cancer to Look Out for

Confused about symptoms and signs of cancer? Here's the difference: Signs can be seen by a doctor or any health care professional while symptoms are oftentimes felt only by the patient. Sometimes a sign can also be a symptom. Just like with any other disease, a tumor produces visible symptoms. But there are types such as lung tumor that don't show visible warning signs until they are already in their advanced stages.

1. Unexplained Weight Loss

If you lose weight without any effort (through diet or exercise) is always one of the first warning signs of cancer regardless of type. Losing a lot of kilos in a sudden manner is also suspicious.

2. Unexplained or Persistent Fever

Unexplained fever that comes and goes is one of the early warning signs of leukemia and lymphoma.

If fever recurs frequently, it is commonly associated with malignant tumor that has already spread to other parts of your body.

3. Abnormal Skin Growths

Unusual changes in the skin such as sores and blisters that heal slow are general signs of skin cancer.

But the signs of melanoma are different from those of the non-melanomas. Melanoma signs include changes in moles.

4. White Patches Inside The Mouth or White Spots on the Tongue

These white patches or spots are symptoms called oral leukoplakia. Smokers and people who use chewing tobacco may develop oral leukoplakia. These patches may develop into tumors in the mouth.

5. Unusual Bleeding or Discharge

Abnormal bleeding or discharges may both be warning and symptoms of metastasis. Unusual bleeding or discharge would include...

  • bleeding from the rectum
  • abnormal or unusual vaginal discharge between your menstrual problems, or after sexual intercourse or any time if you are already in the menopausal stage and
  • unusual discharge from the nipples of your breasts.

6. Thickening or Lump on Any Part of the Body

A lump or lumps anywhere on your body that is or are not normal for you; meaning the lumps are not supposed to be there.

An unusual lump can be early signs of breast cancer and even tumors in the testicles. But a lump is usually not one of the inflammatory breast cancer symptoms.

7. Nagging Cough or Hoarseness

Hoarseness that keeps coming back should be a matter of concern because it can mean not only tumor in your lungs but also in your larynx.

Signs are largely dependent on the location, size and quantity, and extent or gravity of the tumor. The tumor produces signals as it grows. It exerts pressure on the other organs, blood vessels and nerves of your body.

The pressure creates the symptoms first. The 7 warning signs usually appear after. Some common types may produce similar signs.

Detecting these 7 warning signs of cancer should be your priority because they usually mean a tumor that is still small and has not spread to other parts of your body. This often translates to a better chance of being cured.

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