Low Grade Persistent Fever

If you're having low grade persistent fever, what does it mean? Understanding what it is and what it means is extremely important because it can mean something dreadful and life-threatening.

But before you panic, know that a fever isn't fatal by itself. It's your body's way of protecting itself.

However, a fever that persists can also be your body's way of telling you that hey, something very important is going on. If it is accompanied by other symptoms, something extremely important is definitely going on and you must see your doctor asap.

What is Considered a Fever?

It is a condition where your internal body temperature is above what is considered as normal.

The average body temperature is about 98.6°F or 37°C. When it is above 100.4°F or 38°C, you are considered to be having a fever.

There is no need to panic because it is actually your body's way of coping with attacks or threats from the outside. But it is a cause of concern especially in small children.

What Causes a Fever?

A high body temperature indicates that your body's immune system is actively fighting a bacteria or virus.

Your immune system is able to defend you from persistent viruses and bacteria. That's why you have to make sure you have a healthy immune system.

So, when should you be more concerned? You should when you are already having persistent fever. It is the kind of high body temperature that comes and goes and it lasts for more than 7 days.

A high body temperature that lasts long may mean a more serious infection that your immune system was not able to overcome.

If it's persistent and comes with other symptoms and signs such as cough and lower back pain, have yourself be checked for possible bacterial or viral infection.

Fever and lower back pain are usual signs of urinary tract infection or UTI (although UTI can happen without a fever just like what I have been through recently) and can be remedied by a prescription of antibiotic. But if the symptom occurs with persistent and unexplained pain in the head, try to see you doctor as soon as you can. It may indicate brain tumor.

If it is persistent and is accompanied by other visible symptoms, get checked more thoroughly because it may mean something more serious.

Fever together with persistent respiratory ailments and extreme loss of weight are warning signs of cancer of the lungs that is already advanced or metastasized. Some types like those that affect your lungs exhibit symptoms only when they have already spread to other organs.

If it is persistent and is accompanied by another symptom like chronic indigestion or dyspepsia, it can indicate metastatic colon cancer. If you are already diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment like chemo or radiation therapy, expect having frequent fever during your course of treatment.

High body temperature is one of the common side-effects of both therapies. It also indicates a compromised immune system.

What About Unexplained Fever?

When there is no known explanation such as a respiratory infection, see your doctor as early as possible.

This is very important when persistent and unexplained fever occurs in a child because it is usually one of the early warning signs of leukemia.

It can also mean lymphoma because it is a type of tumor that attacks the lymphocytes in your lymphatic system. The main purpose of the lymphatic system is to fight infections. That's why unexplained persistent fever is its first sign.

If it's accompanied with another symptom like dysphagia or persistent hoarseness, it can indicate tumor in your esophagus.

How to Treat a Fever

Drink plenty of water to make sure you remain hydrated and get plenty of rest to help your immune system give a good fight. Taking paracetamol can also help to make you comfortable. However, these steps are not enough to treat persistent fever. It's best that you see a doctor.

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