Trouble Swallowing Problem
What Dysphagia Symptoms May Mean

What is dysphagia? It is when you have trouble swallowing your drink or food. What does it mean if you experience some difficulty in swallowing? If you have dysphagia symptoms every now and then, don't worry. It isn't a cause of concern. The problem may be caused by not chewing your food properly and eating or drinking too hastily.

Swallowing problems may happen to anybody. It is particularly common among the elderly and small children.

A swallowing problem may be an effect of a lot of things which are not life-threatening and may be temporary symptoms. But if it happens all the time, it may be a result of a more serious medical condition such as esophageal cancer.

Symptoms of a swallowing disorder may include:

  • drooling

  • a feeling that food or liquid is sticking in your throat

  • discomfort in your throat or chest

  • a sensation of a foreign body or “lump” in your throat

  • unexpected sudden weight loss and inadequate nutrition due to prolonged problem with swallowing

  • coughing or choking caused by bits of food, liquid, or saliva not passing easily during swallowing, and being sucked into the lungs

  • a change in your voice.

When your swallowing problem does not clear up on its own, persists or can't be explained, it may be one of the symptoms of esophageal cancer. Tumors may be the underlying cause. If so, you have to see a doctor.

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