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First, why should you consider online advertising? People use the web to search for a solution to their problem. They are highly-targeted customers when they seek information about something.

This page will explain who our visitors are and what they expect, who we are, and additional information about advertising on this site so you can make an informed decision.

Who are our readers/visitors?

Visitors to are those who have made the decision to be healthy holistically to prevent cancer. They come from many countries, but majority are from the United States.

Who is

The site went live on January 18, 2009 with 100% original content all written by the publisher. Since then, we have climbed to the top 1% of all sites on the internet.

Our site generates traffic worldwide (111 countries to be exact) and 63% of our total traffic are from the United States.

What are the types of online advertising do we offer?

The following formats are available:

1. In-Content Text Links

This is the simplest type of ad but it is very effective. The link to your site or to the particular service or product you wish to advertise will be in the content of a page. Price starts at $30/link ad/month.

2. Banners and Buttons - All these will be provided by you. It can either be:

  • Full Horizontal Banner (468x60px) - Placement will either be at the top (before the content) or the bottom (after the content) of the page that is open for advertising. Price starts at $50/month.

  • Skyscraper Banner (120x600px or 160x600px) - Placement will be at the right column of the page. Price is at $50/month.

  • Button (120x120px) - Placement will also be at the right column. Price is at $30/month.
3. Image and Text Link With Write-up - Just provide us a small graphic of your logo, product or any other appropriate photo, a 40-word description of what you offer and the URL to your website and we will make the ad for you. Placement will either be at the bottom (after the content) or the right column of the page that is available for advertising. Price starts at $50/month.

4. Video - The video should run only for 3-5 minutes. Placement will be at the top (after a paragraph of content) of a page that is open for advertising. Price starts at $50/month.

What is our pricing?

1. All prices are quoted in US$;

2. Price is determined by ad type and size, placement on the page, the number of visitors of an available page;

3. A 10% discount is available for multiple ads and payment-in-advance; and

4. Payment is on a monthly basis and is accepted ONLY via PayPal (credit cards are accepted and you need not have an account with PayPal).

5. Price is subject to change.

What are our terms and conditions?

1. In compliance with Google's webmaster guidelines, all advertiser links have the rel="nofollow" attribute;

2. The publisher has the sole right to decline any advertising request that is deemed unsuitable for the site and/or adds little or no value to the site visitors;

3. All advertising and payment options are subject to availability;

4. No ads are accepted for the home page of the site;

5. No flash ads will be accepted; and

6. Both the publisher and the advertiser can cancel the agreement but with a 30 day prior notice.

See the full text of our advertising and affiliate policy.

Privacy Policy

We do not sell, exchange or otherwise disclose your contact information to anyone.

See the full text of our privacy policy.

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