Warning Signs of Cancer of the Lungs

Warning signs of cancer in the lungs are very deceptive. The nature of the symptoms makes it difficult to diagnose. A nagging cough and unexplained pain are early lung cancer symptoms. Before my father was diagnosed with lung tumor he had bouts of chronic lung disorders such as bronchitis. When his tumor metastasized, impairment of his cognitive functions was one of the many symptoms and signs he had to endure.

What are the early signs and symptoms?

You should not ignore any of these warning signs of cancer:

  • Smoker's cough - If you smoke and you experience cough that persists or gets worse over time, see your doctor. Chronic cough is one of the important symptoms that something is wrong in your lungs.

  • Unexplained pain - The pain may occur at your back, shoulder or chest and it doesn't go away. It may occur even if you are not coughing but if pain is accompanied by coughing, these are signs you should not ignore.

  • Chronic cough when you're not a smoker - A cough that persists for more than 2 weeks even if you don't smoke is one of the symptoms to be aware of. If you live or work with a smoker, the more you should not disregard this sign.

  • Frequent bout with lung diseases - If you find yourself getting sick with pneumonia or bronchitis repeatedly or frequently, have yourself examined because persistent lung diseases are symptoms of lung tumor.

  • Traces of blood in sputum - Sputum that has traces of blood or has unusual color when you cough up is one of the symptoms of lung diseases such as tuberculosis. It doesn't mean tumor right away but it may indicate tumor.

  • Increase in amount of sputum

  • Breathing problems - These include symptoms such as shortness of breath and wheezing. Breathing problems are also signs of another respiratory disease such as asthma so it's best for you that you go see a doctor for these symptoms to rule out a more serious illness.

  • Hoarseness - Persistent hoarseness should be checked. It is also one of the signs of another type of tumor that affects the throat.
As the tumor progresses with or without treatment, its symptoms can also worsen causing negative side effects on your health. Often, a certain type of treatment is recommended to relieve the side effects.

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Keep in mind that a lung tumor in its early stage doesn't produce any of the warning signs or symptoms. For more info about the different stages, check out: Lung Cancer Stages: What to Expect.

It is important to be aware of the first warning signs of lung tumor because its proper and early diagnosis depends on knowing them. Early diagnosis based on the signs you observe is crucial for proper treatment.

Click here for different treatments for lung cancer.

What are the symptoms and signs of metastatic lung tumor?

Late-stage lung tumor may exhibit other signs and symptoms in addition such as:

The warning signs of cancer in your lungs depend on the stage it is in and its prevention depends on knowing the different signs and symptoms. Learning and understanding each one of these signs and symptoms is necessary because it is one of the deadliest and difficult to treat types.

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