SPF Clothing or UV Protective Clothes
for Skin Cancer Prevention

SPF clothing became popular in the 1990s in Australia where skin cancer cases were unusually high during that time. They are actually called UPF clothing. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor while SPF is Sun Protection Factor. A higher UPF means a greater degree of UV protection.

Steps on basic sun protection now include this type of clothes. They are now made by and sold in major retailers of outdoor clothes such as TUGA, REI and Speedo. These clothing manufacturers now recognize the need for specialized protective clothing not only for outdoor activities but also for daily use.

All of us need them. However, babies and small children need them most in addition to a sunblock lotion with at least SPF 30.

If you are fair-skinned and have skin which is sensitive to UV light from the sun, you should consider wearing this type of clothes. And if you like to indulge in outdoor sports especially on snow or water, they are a must plus a sunblock lotion with a much higher SPF.

Remember that when you wear sun protection clothing, it also protects you against other harmful effects of UV radiation besides skin cancer.

Isn't a good sunblock lotion with SPF of at least 15 enough to give you sun protection and prevent the non-melanomas and the melanoma? It is if you will not be out in the sun during its peak hours, if you apply the recommended amount consistently and if you are vigilant about re-applying it.

During mid-day, a sunblock lotion of SPF 15 is not enough. You need a higher SPF. Besides, skin experts say most of us unfortunately don't really use the recommended amount of SPF lotion and we usually forget to reapply. Thus, sun protection clothing such as shirts and pants can provide better or added protection. Ultraviolet protective clothing can disrupt UV radiation from reaching your skin.

Who Needs SPF Clothing

1. You need them if you burn easily and tan minimally or don't tan at all.

2. Children need UV protective clothes more because consistent and serious sunburn during childhood increases risk for skin cancer later in life.

3. If you like the outdoors, then it makes sense that you buy and use them.

4. If you live near the equator such as Australia or Florida in the U.S. where UV radiation is more intense, it is wise that you use SPF clothes.

5. Your dog. Dogs also need to have protection against UV radiation. They can also get skin cancer and other diseases related to UV radiation from sunlight. Clothes with sun protection for your dogs are now available from Tuga Sunwear.

How SPF Clothing Protects

1. They lessen amount of UV radiation that passes through because of their dense construction.

2. They are made with high concentration of excellent quality protective pigment dyes which include resin. The premium dyes used on these clothes disrupt UV rays.

3. They are made with certain sun protective chemicals such as specialized laundry additives and optical brightening agents. They can block UV radiation.

4. They are made of polyester, which provides the most excellent sun protection. Some are made of nylon which also gives good sun protection and some are made of wool and silk which provide moderate UV protection.

What to Consider When Buying UPF Clothes

First, it should offer excellent protection against the sun's radiation. This is your first consideration which is the most important. However, it's NOT only what you should consider.

When you shop for SPF shirts, you should also check for comfort. If it's rough on the skin or it makes you sweat profusely, you won't like wearing it. Buying it and not using it defeats its purpose.

So, if you're worried that UV protective clothing such as pants and shirts with long sleeves may be uncomfortable outdoors, you don't have to.

We found a certain brand - TUGA Sunwear - which makes very comfortable SPF clothes. They use cocona fabric for their clothes. Cocona is a type of fabric that dries quickly, absorbs moisture away from your skin and lets it breathe. The material feels like you're wearing a comfortable t-shirt.

Another plus factor is the fabric they use for their clothes is not harmful to the environment and comes from recycled polyester.

Modern technology has made it possible for TUGA to combine comfort, design and protection into SPF clothing.

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