Effects of Ultraviolet Rays

Do you know that the effects of ultraviolet rays are both beneficial and harmful? Vitamin D production is one of the healthy effects. Your body can't produce vitamin D by itself. However, you don't need more than 15 minutes of sun exposure.

If you're over exposed during the time the sun's UV rays are at their peak without any protection or with insufficient protection, be aware that they can damage your cells. UV radiation is already proven to be the leading cause of different types of skin cancer. It can also do other harmful things to your whole body.

Are you surprised I said "whole body"? Yes, it's not only your skin that can be harmed by radiation effects.

Health Dangers from Sun's UV Radiation

Three areas of your body are affected by ultraviolet radiation: the eyes, the immune system and the skin.

1. Cataracts

Your eyes have their natural defense mechanisms against the rays of the sun. Your eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids and the squinting reflex you do are all there to protect your eyes.

But these natural defenses of your eyes against the dangerous effects of ultraviolet rays are limited, especially when you are outside in the sand, water or snow.

The UV rays of the sun are more dangerous when you are at the beach, near the sea or in the mountains that are covered with snow. The water and the snow reflect more of the radiation.

Long-term exposure to the dangers of UV radiation, together with growing old, is a risk factor for cataracts.

Cataracts can make you blind. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that 20% of the 12 to 15 million people who became blind due to cataracts may have been caused by long-term sun exposure.

That's why it really pays to invest in a good pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses such as those made by RayBan. They may be more pricey than regular sunglasses but your eyes are more important. A really good pair can prevent your eyes from being damaged. You need it more if you're a diabetic.

2. Poor Immune System

Your body has a natural defense mechanism for prevention against common to serious infections and even cancer. It is called the immune system.

There is increasing evidence that high and even low-dose UV radiation affects your immune system by suppressing or reducing its immune activities.

A poor immune system hinders effective prevention for the leading types of cancer.

3. Different Types of Skin Cancer

Effects of ultraviolet radiation can give rise to many chronic skin conditions. One of the negative effects of ultraviolet rays is skin cancer, now the most common type of cancer worldwide.

A harsh reality is that radiation not only causes one type but 3 types of skin cancer, of which the most serious is melanoma.

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Effects of Ultraviolet Rays

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