All the Facts About Cancer that You Need

What real facts about cancer must you know? It is a scary word if you know nothing about it.

Four hundred fifty years ago, somebody said "Knowledge is power." How true! It's about time to get to know the correct facts about this disease because learning what it is and what it is not is the best tip on prevention.

1. It is a group of many related but different diseases -- more than a hundred, in fact!

Yes, that's right. It is NOT a name for a single disease.

All these more than 100 types have a single mission: to attack, damage and invade the numerous healthy and normal cells in your body. And even the cells of your immune system are not spared leading to lymphoma.

Worldwide, there are types that occur more frequently compared to others. That's why there are leading and common cancers. There are also cancers which are rare everywhere but are rare only in some countries.

2. It is a complex disease because besides having more than a hundred types, there are 3 different kinds of tumor and four classifications.

The many common types vary in terms of their symptoms and signs, their possible causes and the treatment they require.

3. It is truly life-threatening which makes prevention a must-do. Facts about cancer point to it as the second leading cause of death due to disease after heart.

Experts predict that by 2010, it will be the number 1 cause of death. (Update: For 2010, it is the second leading cause of death next to heart diseases.)

4. It can strike anybody even if you are a famous or rich person. According to facts, it strikes one in 2 men and one in 3 women in their lifetimes.

However, it can be beaten and there are a lot of famous cancer survivors who can attest to it.

5. It is caused by an interaction of two types of risks: those that you can avoid and those that you can't. That is why having one of the risk factors doesn't guarantee that you will develop it.

Genetic mutations

are the leading causes with hereditary mutations causing 5-15% of malignant tumor cases and acquired mutations leading to 85-95% of cases.

6. Some viruses like HPV and bacteria such as H. Pylori can cause the disease but still, it is not contagious. You can't get it from sharing a drink with someone who is diagnosed with it.

7. It is not caused by an injury. You can't get brain tumors if you bump your head nor can you develop breast tumors by bumping your breast.

8. It is just like any other disease. According to facts, it exhibits signs but oftentimes, they are tricky to detect. Cancers that grow in the lungs and pancreas are examples of the types that are difficult to diagnose based on symptoms alone. They show signs that can also mean other medical problems. When they are finally diagnosed correctly, they would have spread far and wide inside your body.

9. It progresses in stages. Progression for solid tumors happens in stages. Correct and precise staging is important in diagnosing and treating it.

According to facts about cancer, it is a deadly disease BUT the good news is, its prevention is doable.

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