Unavoidable Causes of Cancer

Yes, there are causes of cancer that you just can't avoid. They are risk factors that are already in your genes. Your genes are basic parts of who you are. They are made up of cells and cells are where the disease starts.

Since these uncontrollable risks are connected to your genes, they make the possibility that you get the disease in your lifetime much stronger. However, you can still prevent tumor growth by living a healthy lifestyle.

Today, a higher risk for common cancers is due to unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking too much alcohol, eating more processed foods and moving lesser.

Also, there are people who have genetic risk but never develop tumors. There are those who show every sign of health and do not have any risk factors but are diagnosed with it later on.

Risk Factors You Live With Everyday

Human Aging

Human aging is something you can't control. It happens to everyone.

As you grow older, your body weakens and becomes more sensitive to risk factors for tumor development. Your body deteriorates at a much faster speed if you are not careful with your health.

Aging is of the major risk factors for most major cancers such as those that grow in your breasts, colon and prostate.

My father died from metastatic lung cancer last 2010. He was 81 when he was diagnosed. He used to be a chain smoker during his younger years and even when he already quit the habit, smoking already damaged his lungs. His age also was a factor that caused cancerous cells to overran his healthy cells.

DNA or Genetic Mutations

Mutations occur in your genes everyday. They affect and even damage the DNA of your genes. Your cells are equipped to repair themselves.

But there are times that these damages can't be repaired by your cells resulting to gene or DNA mutations. They become causes or risk factors for tumor development.

Family's History of Tumor Growth

Your family's history of cancer is one of the risk factors because certain types of tumor tend to "run" in a family. Breast tumor is one such type.

I have a co-worker who recently passed away because of metastatic breast cancer. Almost all of her female blood relatives have been diagnosed with it.

Some cancer are either hereditary or familial. Family history is one of the risk factors that plays a major role in what causes colon cancer.

Presence of Hormones

Hormones like insulin, cortisol and estrogen are essential and natural part of your body. You were born with them.

They become harmful when they increase their size. Unusual amount of certain hormones is found to be closely linked to some types. An example of such hormone is estrogen. It is particularly associated with what causes breast cancer.

Why is it important to learn the potential risks or causes of cancer that lead to its growth? It's because prevention is easier if you know what risk factors trigger it.

A single explanation for what actually causes it is almost impossible because in most leading types, two or more risks may join together and produce an opportunity for the disease to start. However, awareness of the nature of the disease is the first step on prevention.

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