Facts on Prostate Cancer
Information About What Is Prostate Cancer

Facts on prostate cancer: It has 2 types - the slow-growing and the fast-growing. The fast-growing type is deadly and its risk factors are different from the indolent type.

More information about it says that not all men are susceptible to prostate problems. Surprising facts: Those who are older face a higher risk and the country you live in is also a risk factor.

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The tumor develops in the tissues of the prostate gland. To better understand this type of tumor, let's find out the important information about the gland.

Important Information to Know

The size of a healthy prostate gland is that of a walnut and its functions are regulated by the male hormones called testosterone.

The gland is a part of a man’s reproductive system. It is found in front of the rectum and below the bladder.

According to facts, the tumor grows very slowly inside the gland. It usually doesn't exhibit symptoms until it is already in its late-stages.

More Information and Facts

The medical term for the tumor is adenocarcinoma.

It is the second most common type of tumor among men and is considered as a "silent killer" because a man can have it but be symptom-free for years.

Based on facts, it is the second leading cause of death in men next to lung tumor in the world. For more information, check out the Facts About Lung Cancer.

Majority of cases are among men over the age of 65. It happens in 1 out of 6 men. But men with a family history of the disease can get it earlier.

If you're Asian who lives in rural area in Asia, you have the lowest risk. Moving to a country or city where the culture is already westernized also moves up your risk for the disease. African-American men are most susceptible to the disease.

According to facts and information from the PC Foundation, more than 192,000 men will be diagnosed with the disease and more than 27,000 will die from it in 2009.

The disease can be cured when detected early and while the tumor is still confined to the gland.

What are the information on prostate cancer treatment options?

Based on facts, the kind of treatment that your doctor will prescribe depends on many things such as the stage of your tumor. Treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and radiation. There are new advances in treating this type of tumor such as cryosurgery, robotic prostatectomy and proton beam radiation.

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What are the facts on what causes prostate tumor and problems in men?

Causes depend on the type of the tumor. For example, smoking leads to the aggressive type. Some risk factors such as growing old and family history are beyond your control. However, facts on prostate cancer confirm that its prevention is doable.

Why is prevention possible? Information on its major causes point to unhealthy lifestyle habits such as heavy drinking and eating a high-fat diet. They are habits you can change.

What are the information on the stages of prostate cancer?

According to facts on prostate cancer, the tumor is restricted to the gland during the first two stages. Stages 3 and 4 are already characterized by metastasis.

The difference between the two last stages is the extent of the metastasis.

What are the facts on the signs of prostate cancer?

Information about the disease points to erectile dysfunction as an important sign of advanced tumor. Early symptoms include frequent and uncontrollable urge to urinate.

What are the facts and information on how to prevent prostate problems in men?

Medical problems like tumors can be prevented. If you are a man above 40 years old, it is important that you are aware of this information. Exercise and healthy eating are just some of the steps on prevention of the disease.

For more information on how being active helps, check out: Importance of Exercise

Knowing all these facts on prostate cancer is important for its prevention.

Reference of Facts and Information: Prostate Cancer Foundation

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