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Welcome to the Prostate Cancer Questions and Answers section of this site. Questions posted here are from people who are looking for answers. I hope you will find the answers to your own questions here. If not, you can always ask! However, be reminded that I'm not a medical doctor so please use the information I provide here as a guide only (in relation to your health condition).

Prostate Cancer FAQs

1. Is there a need for radiation therapy if PSA score is high after 6 weeks of robotic prostatectomy?

PSA score is a very sensitive marker for prostate cancer. After you have undergone robotic prostatectomy, it should drop to 0 and stay there. If PSA is high after robotic prostatectomy, it means there is a recurrence of the cancerous cells. Thus radiation therapy is further required. Have your doctor check you again.

2.What are the benefits of proton therapy for prostate cancer?

As one of the prostate cancer treatment options, proton radiation is better than chemotherapy and standard radiation therapy. Proton beam radiation can be done in an outpatient setting and it has no recovery time as the patient is up and alright after the procedure. It is non-invasive and painless with minimal risk of impotency. Sexual activity is not hampered even when you are undergoing proton radiation.

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