Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer
Symptoms of Prostate Problems in Men

At first stage, signs of prostate cancer are not visible. The tumor is undetected even with a digital rectum examination (DRE). But difficulties in urinating and erectile dysfunction are some of the warning signs and symptoms even for the first 2 stages. For more info, check out: Stages of Prostate Cancer. Your doctor will also consider your symptoms in recommending prostate cancer treatment options.

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What are earlier symptoms and signs of prostate problems?

Problems such as trouble having an erection may not mean a tumor. But it is one of the warning signs and symptoms.

This is the challenge with slow-growing tumors. During early stage, they usually don't produce visible signs or symptoms.

Any malignant or benign tumor is most often discovered through a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test or a Digital Rectal Exam (DRE).

Hence, it pays to be aware of the earlier warning signs which include. . .

1. Difficulty in urinating - This is characterized by symptoms of either slow or weak urine stream.

2. Urge to urinate frequently - The urge to go to the toilet more frequently, especially at night, is another one of the signs of tumor in the prostate.

3. Loss of bladder control - This is characterized by difficulty to control the urge to pass urine.

However, these warning signs may not absolutely mean you got a tumor. They can also be symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH. What causes prostate cancer is a combination of various risk factors.

Do you have a specific question on symptoms? Ask at Prostate Cancer Questions and Answers.

What are warning symptoms and signs of prostate cancer?

Consult your doctor if you (or your man) experience any of the following signs and symptoms. . .

1. Hematuria

Hematuria is characterized by traces of blood in your urine. Blood in the urine must be brought to the attention of your doctor as it is one of the signs of prostate cancer.

2. Impotence

If you have been experiencing trouble having an erection, better have it checked by your doctor to rule out tumor. It does not always mean tumor. Erectile dysfunction is also one of the symptoms of diabetes and even alcohol abuse.

3. Weakness or numbness in legs or feet

Weakness or numbness can be warning signs that the tumor may have grown and spread to the spine. Have yourself checked to be 100% sure. Numbness in the legs is one of the symptoms of lung and pancreatic cancers.

4. Pain in passing urine

Pain during urination is one of the symptoms of other medical conditions such as urinary tract infection or the presence of kidney stones. It's best to undergo a urine test to eliminate the possibility of tumor.

5. Unexplained pain

When you experience pain at your back, hips, pelvis and ribs which can't be explained, go and see a doctor. Unexplained pain may indicate that the tumor has spread to your bones.

A tumor in your gland often grows slowly especially among older men. The slow growth of the tumor is the reason why signs and symptoms may be mild and may occur for many years.

Some men may never notice the earlier symptoms or warning signs of prostate cancer and when diagnosed, the disease is, unfortunately, already in late-stage.

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