How to Prevent Prostate Cancer
Prevention of Prostate Problems in Men

For a man 40 and above, how to prevent prostate cancer and other problems becomes a health priority. How to have a healthy gland free from cancer problems? First, know what symptoms to look out for. To know is important because the cancer doesn't show any visible signs during its early stage.

There are also prevention guidelines which can be summarized in one sentence: Prevention of problems starts with a healthy lifestyle such as being aware of the importance of exercise.

Do you have a specific question? Ask here at Prostate Cancer Questions and Answers.

What are the 6 steps to prevent prostate problems and cancer in men?

1. Stop smoking

If you need motivation to finally not light those cigarettes, here is one: Prevention of the common types of cancer. All the effects of tobacco smoking are deadly. One is cancer.

Quitting is also for the prevention of the dangerous effects of second hand smoking from harming and creating health problems for your family.

It is also giving yourself the edge on how to prevent prostate cancer as well.

2. Stop drinking too much alcohol

Health problems are expected when you are always drinking too much alcohol. An increased level of testosterone hormone is one of the negative effects of alcohol.

Testosterone is a hormone responsible for the growth of your gland. A high level of testosterone stimulates the tissues and the cells of the gland unnecessarily causing health problems and making prevention of tumor growth difficult.

3. Incorporate exercise in your daily activities

If you are on the heavy side, start exercising. Regular exercise will help you lose weight. And even if you're not overweight, exercise is highly recommended to prevent weight gain. Moving more everyday can also prevent health problems.

Any form of physical activity is for the prevention of weight gain. A healthy weight is important because one of the effects of obesity or being overweight is an increased level of leptin hormone. Too much leptin hormone encourages tumors to develop and grow.

Exercising also makes your immune cells fight better against problems caused by cancerous cells.

4. Aim for healthy eating plans

One of the benefits of a vegetarian diet is prevention of weight gain and tumor growth. A healthy weight is one of the effective ways to prevent other health problems such as diabetes and heart diseases.

Other examples of healthy eating plans are the Mediterranean diet and the raw vegan diet. They are considered healthy because saturated fats are eliminated.

The presence of saturated fats largely contribute to weight gain. Stay away from them as much as possible. You are better off with monounsaturated fats. These healthy fats are found in olive oil. Prevent of tumors is one of the health benefits of olive oil.

My favorite nutrition tip on how to prevent tumor development and health problems:
Sprinkle fresh and organic turmeric powder in your dishes. It is a major spice in Indian meals and India has the lowest incidence rate for prostate problems.
Look for this golden spice in

Taking Ganoderma extract supplements can also help prevent prostate problems and even tumors.

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5. Wear protection from heavy metals

Heavy metals like Cadmium raises your risk for health problems like tumor. How to prevent prostate cancer if you work in an environment where you are frequently exposed to cadmium? Be sure to wear thick gloves and other protective gear when handling heavy metals.

6. Know your family history for the disease.

The tumor has varied causes. There are 2 risk factors a man can’t prevent no matter how much he tries to. They are . . .

  • Aging - If you are a man in your forties, you now face the risk of developing tumors in your gland. As years are added to your age, the higher your risk is. That's why it is important that you take care of yourself to prevent health problems.

  • Genetic predisposition - If you have male members of your family who have been diagnosed with the disease, prevention becomes a challenge because you're at a higher risk. You should be more careful and take extra precautions for prevention of prostate problems. Avoid a high-fat diet and make sure you exercise. Walking is a good physical activity that can prevent many health problems.

If you want to read more about the risk factors, see What Causes Prostate Cancer.

Although you may not be able to totally prevent aging and control your genetic make-up, it is still very possible to prevent tumors from growing in your gland.

Again, how to prevent prostate cancer? Be proactive. Decide to live a healthy way of life for the prevention of many life-threatening diseases.

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