The Definition of Stress
How Does Stress Affect Health

According to experts, the definition of stress is it is your body's innate response to a physical, mental or emotional stressor that can either be real or imagined. The stressor can be an event that can either be depressing or wonderful. It is powerful because it can affect your overall health. How it can affect your health can either negative or positive. It depends on the types of stress you experience.

Natural Stress Relief Tips for Cancer Prevention

In simple terms, its definition is it is your body’s natural defense or survival mechanism to protect itself. It is also called as the “flight-or-fight response”. Its medical definition is neuroendocrine response. When you are stressed most of the time, inflammation can set in inside your body.

Chronic inflammation can affect your health by feeding the immature or damaged cells in your body. Instead of dying, these cells can turn malignant. This makes learning natural ways to relieve yourself from stressors necessary for prevention of cancer.

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How does stress affect your overall health?

how does stress affect health

Based on the definition of stress, it is intertwined with health. Being stressed can affect your health by stimulating your adrenal glands to release a bigger amount of neurotransmitters known as adrenaline and non-adrenaline.

In addition to these neurotransmitters, your pituitary gland also releases cortisol hormone. All these chemicals can physically affect on your health.

How do they affect your health? They affect you by . . .

1. stimulating your heart to beat faster,

2. pushing your muscles to become tensed and be prepared, and

3. activating your senses to be alert.

According to the definition of stress, its physiological effects help your body to perform to its best ability or protect itself in a dangerous or challenging situation.

To have a better understanding of the definition of stress and how it can affect your health, see the following articles that discuss how it can affect your health.

What are the different types of stressor?

There are 3 main types include:

  1. eustress,
  2. distress – acute and episodic acute, and
  3. chronic.

Not all stressors are bad. Based on the definition of eustress, it can affect you in a beneficial way. The types that cause harmful effects on your health are the episodic acute and chronic kinds.

What are the leading causes of stress?

According to its definition, it is almost impossible to live without a stressor as it is always present in the world we live in.

The main causes may both be internal - such as being too idealistic - and environmental - an event that brings a major change in your life.

What’s surprising is a major happy event such as giving birth can also affect your health in a negative way.

What are the effects of cortisol on health?

According to the definition of a stressor, cortisol can also benefit your health but only when a small amount is released. A larger amount of cortisol can affect you in a harmful way. Its prevention is important.

How does cortisol affect you and cause harm?

It encourages inflammation and leads to a weak immune system which allows cancer cells to thrive. This is explained further in . . .

What is the link between stress and cancer?

Experts still can’t agree on the definition of the link between being stressed and cancer. So, how does it affect your health and lead to cancers eventually?

The National Cancer Institute already has the definition of the relation between a stressor and tumor growth. The Institute says long-term exposure to your body’s neuroendocrine response adversely affects two important processes:

1) the repair of any mutation in the DNA, and

2) the regulation of cell growth.

When these two processes are messed with, they affect your cells. Tumor development is encouraged and its prevention becomes difficult.

What are the ways to deal with stress?

How do you deal with stress? There are many ways on how to. An example is not to take responsibilities beyond your capacity. It’s alright to say enough already.

Other steps to cope with stress effectively are to adapt a healthy eating plan and appreciate the importance of a physical activity. Make sure your immune system is in top shape.

Do you know . . .

Red Reishi mushrooms are natural immune system boosters? They protect your cells from stressors.

Cancer's definition states that it is a disease of both the body and the mind. Because of this definition, one of the ways on cancer prevention is understanding the definition of stress and how it can affect your health.

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