All About Cancer and Stress
The Physiological Effect of Stress

According to some experts the link between cancer and stress is not as definite as tobacco use. But many experts also believe that different types of tumor are its significant physiological side effects. The leading causes of stress encourage tumor development because of their effects on the body such as higher level of hormones and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Natural Stress Relief Tips for Cancer Prevention

Constant exposure to them stimulates inflammation inside your body. Inflammation is bad for your cells. It acts as food for diseases such as diabetes and tumor. If you understand what inflammation is and its effects on your body, you will see how learning to manage stressors is an effective step on cancer prevention.

Your body has the ability to defend and protect itself from stressors. But you need to make sure your line of defense can do it by eating the right kind of food.

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How can the different types of stress negatively affect your overall health? How can they become so harmful that they cause tumors to grow?

Remember that you make cancer cells everyday but your immune system is there to prevent them from attacking your healthy cells. This is if you got a healthy immune system. It is your first defense against cancerous cells.

Do you know . . .

Red Reishi mushrooms are natural immune system boosters? They protect your cells from stressors.

How are stress and cancer connected?

It can lead to tumor development because it has . . .

1. Significant Negative Effect on the Immune System

stress affects your overall health

No less than the National Cancer Institute reports, “Studies have shown that factors, such as death of a spouse, social isolation, and medical school examinations, alter the way the immune system functions."

Genetic mutations occur inside your cells everyday as you are exposed to many tumor-causing agents in the environment.

Normally, the DNA is able to repair any damage but there are times when it is unable to.

Your body's immune system has the ability to take over and take care of these abnormal cells before they become a cancer. And stress can inhibit or disable this function.

A weak immune system is one of the negative physiological effects of stressor. A poor immune system is a breeding ground for many of the leading types of cancer and stress overload leads to another danger which is . . .

2. Higher Level of Cortisol Hormones

When you are experiencing a lot of pressure, your adrenal gland releases a higher level of cortisol (one of the stress hormones) into the blood. It is your body's way of responding to the stressor.

This is called the neuroendocrine response. Effects of cortisol hormone are harmful when too much of it is present in the body.

More recent research findings from the NCI suggest that the body’s neuroendocrine response can directly alter important cellular processes such as DNA repair and the regulation of cell growth.

These cellular processes are important because they help in the prevention and protection against the formation of tumors.

This is bad news especially for some hormone-related cancers such as breast and colorectal types.

Besides weakening your immune system and increasing the level of cortisol in your body, the other harmful physiological side effects of stress on health are . . .

  • depression,
  • high cholesterol, and
  • weight gain.
Weight gain beyond what is normal is one of the physical symptoms of being stressed. Being overweight is not good for your health. The dangers of being overweight are implicated in breast and colon types of cancer.

It is vital that you know how to avoid stress as much as possible.

If you can't avoid it, then learn some stress relief tips or be physically active like going for a daily 30-minute walk.

Let cancer and stress not decide your future for you. Be in control and say no to them.

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