The Leading Causes of Stress

The leading causes of stress are plenty and varied. We live in a world filled with different stressors. Understanding what are main or leading causes of stressors is important because most their effects can hinder the prevention of common types of cancer.

Leading stressors include different life events that can either be positive or negative. A positive or happy event such as a wedding, produces as much pressure and anxiety as a negative situation like divorce.

Top 5 Leading Stressful Jobs

1. Surgeon
2. Commercial Airline Pilot
3. Photojournalist
4. Advertising Account Executive
5. Real Estate Agent

Source: Career Cast

But the impact of leading stressors depends on the person experiencing them. A break-up of a relationship causes depression in someone while somebody else takes it as just another part of life.

Some know how to share their worries with their families or friends while others shoulder their troubles all by themselves which leads to being overstressed.

Leading causes of stress can either come from the environment or inside you.

What are the leading causes of inner stress?

The way you perceive or respond to situations can be leading causes for you to be stressed.

side effects of stress

The following attitudes are leading causes of stress:

  • Perfectionism or obsessive thoroughness

  • Unrealistic or impossible expectations

  • Inability to acknowledge uncertainty

  • Inability to express feelings or emotions such as anger or guilt

  • Negativism or pessimism

These attitudes enhance the negative effects of cortisol such as cancer. I'm sure you don't want any of its effects. You need to learn ways to deal with stress.

What are the main and leading causes of outside stress?

For many people, a main cause of stressor can be one of these . . .

  • Financial worries

    leading causes of stress 01

    A survey was done by Reader’s Digest asking 150 people from 16 countries what they consider are the biggest causes being stressed. The leading 4 answers were money, family, health and state of the world.

    Majority of the participants regard money worries as the leading main causes of being stressed in their life.

  • Family or relationship conflicts

  • Major changes in life such as death in the family especially of a spouse or a parent, divorce, or losing a job.

  • Health problems such as diagnosis of a chronic illness such as cancer, be it personal or a family member’s.

  • Environment that is either overcrowded, polluted or crime-ridden.

  • Work that is causing you unhappiness, discontent or is too demanding.

  • Poverty

  • Racial Discrimination

Top 10 Biggest Causes of Stress
1. Death of a Spouse 6. Own Injury or Illness
2. Divorce 7. Getting Married
3. Marital Separation 8. Loss of Job
4. Being Jailed 9. Reconciliation with Spouse
5. Death of an Immediate Family Member 10. Retirement
Source: Holmes-Rahe Life Changes Scale

The first step to effectively manage causes of being stressed is to know where they come from and to understand what are the leading causes of stress.

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