Effects of Stress on Health
Physiological Side Effects of Stress

The physiological side effects of stress on health can either be positive or unproductive depending on the types of stress you are faced with. The productive effects excite or give you a good feeling. The toxic or unproductive effects can make your body more susceptible to diseases such as cancer. Both have significant impact on your body and overall health.

Many studies have already been done on the relationship between cancer and stress. Experts all agree that frequent exposure to stressful situations is harmful to you.

Natural Stress Relief Tips for Cancer Prevention

What are effects of chronic stress on your body and mind?

Unmanaged chronic stressful situations can lead to. . .

1. Poor Immune System

Being stressed has effects on your overall health. Your immune system is the first to feel the bad effects of stress. It performs less than what it is capable of.

Hundreds of studies were done to measure the impact of being stressed on your immune system's health. The results show that it has negative effects on the natural and first defense against diseases of your body.

The immune system has two functions to protect your health from abnormal cells. If you have a poor immune system, its ability to do any of those functions are suppressed.

This is the reason why you need immune system boosters and stress relief tips especially when you go through highly stressful situations.

2. Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices

Besides the health effects of lowering or inhibiting the immune activities of your body, physical or mental stress can also influence your lifestyle choices.

When you are under a lot of pressure and you don't know how to deal with it positively, you are more likely to make poor health choices such as . . .

  • lighting up that cigarette stick,

  • grabbing an alcoholic drink, or

  • starting to eat foods that aren't good for your health.

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You do these unhealthy habits thinking smoking or drinking will help you relax and take your mind off of what's causing you the tension. You might not know that those poor health choices you just made will lead to the vicious cycle of causing genetic mutations in your cells and eventually, to diseases.

Increased level of cortisol hormone is caused by frequent contact with the main and biggest causes of stress.

Effects of cortisol are harmful on your health. Learn how to meditate because meditation reduces levels of cortisol. Listening to meditation music also helps.

Check this out where beautiful and soothing meditation music is available for you to buy and enjoy:

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Many types of cancer are just one of the illnesses that are physiological side effects of stress on health.

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