How to Avoid Stress
Natural Stress Relievers to Boost Immune System

How to avoid stress? Get relief from natural stress relievers. Practice relaxation techniques because one of the effects of stress on your health is cancer growth. If you want more info, check out: Cancer and Stress.

There are many natural stress relievers such as giving in to worry. Saying yes to it is one of the natural ways to avoid it. Worry is one of the main leading causes of stress. Worrying is actually like meditating but in a negative way. When you worry, you focus on a problem that is either real or perceived. This leads to anxiety which causes stress.

So why do I tell you not to avoid worry? There is no need to avoid worry if it leads to action because it becomes productive. But if it paralyzes you and you find yourself obsessing over it infinitely, it becomes toxic.

According to Dr. Edward Hallowell's book Worry, "worrying doesn't have to be a life sentence without a parole." He proposed natural ways to cope with worry. They can also be considered as stress relievers.

natural stress relievers

What are 5 natural stressor relievers?

You might be surprised that there are natural stressor relievers within your reach.

1. Say yes to worry.

Don't avoid worry. Allow it. Face it but only for a limited time. Set aside 15-20 minutes of your time to focus on whatever is troubling you.

Here's another one of stressor relievers I find helpful: Avoid thinking of a solution. Just obsess and fret about it but when its time is up, stop. Do this everyday and the reason for your anxiety will lose its natural luster. Relief is on its way.

2. Busy your brain.

How to avoid stress? Natural stressor relievers include finding something that captures your mind and attention. A busy mind is one of the relievers against a stressful predicament.

Read a book, cook a dish or clean the bathroom are all natural stressor relievers. Doing a simple daily task helps you to avoid being stressed as it distracts you and breaks the worry loop you are in.

3. Accept uncertainty.

The truth is, not everything is under our control and not all the time are we in control. There are things that we just can't avoid. Simply accepting this truth and getting on with your day are often the best stressor relievers you can do to avoid being stressed.

4. Get physical with your worry.

How to remove stress? Move! Any form of physical activity such as walking is one of the natural stressor relievers that really work. Walking is actually a form of relaxation. It is good for you because it also helps you avoid weight gain.

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What makes exercise one of the natural stressor relievers? Your body releases and bathes your brain with feel-good chemicals like endorphins and serotonin when you exercise. Being physically active helps you avoid depression. It is one of the natural stressor relievers that can make your immune system strong and healthy.

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Do you know . . .

Red Reishi mushrooms are natural immune system boosters? They act as relievers for your cells against stressors.

5. Pretend unconcerned or not worried.

Pretending to be unconcerned or not worried about a situation is one of the natural stressor relievers. Studies confirm that changing your attitude to a situation affects your emotions and thoughts.

If you behave cheerfully, whatever it is you're losing sleep over becomes insignificant. In fact, a good laugh is one of the recommended natural stress relief tips.

You can't totally avoid stressful situations. They happen everyday. What you need to avoid is not knowing how to handle a stressful situation or being unaware that there are stressor relievers you can do.

When you are bombarded with different types of stress, your body releases cortisol hormone. Effects of cortisol can lead to a poor immune system, which in turn, encourages cancerous cells to grow more rapidly and more aggressively. A well-functioning immune system is one of the best natural steps on cancer prevention.

So, if you're constantly stressed out, get relief! Learn how to avoid stress. Natural stressor relievers are available.

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