How to Boost Immune System
for Prevention of Cancer

Healthy lifestyle tips on how to boost the immune system: Choose the foods you eat, quit drinking or try to avoid drinking too much, get enough sleep, avoid being stressed all the time, avoid too much sugar in your diet and take natural immune system supplements such as Spirulina.

Why should you boost your immune system? For disease prevention especially tumor development.

Always eating foods that cause cancer and other unhealthy habits such as smoking can weaken the natural killer (NK) cells of your system.

If they are not well, they can't defend you from all sorts of viruses and bacteria. All types of viruses and bacteria love weak and damaged killer cells. That's when prevention of disease becomes a challenge.

1. Avoid Too Much Alcohol

How does avoiding excessive drinking help boost it?

keys to a healthy lifestyle

Too much alcohol is found to hurt your body's built-in prevention mechanism against cancer causing viruses and bacteria.

How much is too much? One drink does not seem to cause trouble but more than that does. With every increase in the quantity of alcohol you consume is also an increase to the damage on your cells.

Being intoxicated from what you're drinking means there is already enough alcohol in your body to inhibit its proper functions. Besides, alcohol is a major risk factor for many cancers.

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How exactly does alcohol harm you?

  • It can squash your body's ability to increase the number of your white blood cells,

  • It can hinder the action of killer white cells to prevent cancer cells, and

  • It can lower the ability of macrophages to produce tumor necrosis factor.

Now that you know how alcohol can damage your first defense against viruses, saying goodbye to those alcoholic beverages is an effective step on how to boost immune system and disease prevention.

2. Cut Out the Sweet Stuff

Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, you should tame it for prevention of simple illnesses such as the common cold and silent killers such as diabetes.

Avoiding sugar is one of the best prevention steps against disease. Too much sugar is a no-no.

Let me give you an example why sugar is your body's enemy.

One time, my son had a cold. When I quizzed what he had been drinking during his duty at the hospital, he told me he had 2 bottles of soda. I knew right there and then what the culprit was for his cold.

Those bottles of soda he had were equivalent to 100 grams or 8 tablespoons of refined sugar. That amount of sugar can reduce the ability of the natural killer (NK) cells to kill germs or viruses by as much as 40%.

Functions of NK cells are suppressed within 30 minutes of ingesting too much sugar. Such immune-suppressing effect of sugar may last for five hours.

Here's one of the tips on how to boost immune system function: When you reach for a dessert, always pick a fruit over that slice of cake. Fruits are naturally rich in vitamins especially vitamin C that can boost your NK cells.

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Do you know . . .

Red Reishi mushrooms are protectors of your natural killer cells? They boost your NK cells for optimal health and disease prevention.

3. Choose a Plant-Based Diet

Frequent eating of too much fat and leading a sedentary lifestyle can make you overweight or obese. One of the many dangers of being overweight is unresponsive and weak NK cells.

If you are obese, your weight can affect the ability of white blood cells to reproduce, to create antibodies and to rush to where an infection has occurred.

An anti-cancer diet that is primarily fruit and vegetable makes a healthy body. Fruits and vegetables have thousands of phytochemicals to help you on how to boost immune system.

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For more tips to strengthen and how to boost immune system, see building the immune system.

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