How to Build Up the Immune System
for Cancer Prevention

How to build up the immune system is one of the healthy living tips. There are many ways to boost it. One is learning to manage stress because when you're stressed, your immune system suffers first and the most.

The immune system is important because it is your body's natural defense. It is your first defense to protect you from simple infectious diseases like the common cold.

What is amazing is it is also your built-in defense for prevention of non-communicable but life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

An unhealthy lifestyle can build the foundation for tumor growth inside your body. A poor immune system makes the ground more fertile.

If your body has a poor defense system, it will help abnormal cells to flourish. If you already have the disease, learning to build and boost the immune system is crucial during your treatment.

The 4 Steps to Boost the Immune System

1. Nourish It

Your immune system needs nourishment to be healthy and to maximize its ability to fight different viruses and bacteria.

vegetables are nourishment for immune system

You can get the vitamins and minerals you need from nutritious foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. Aim to eat a bowl of green salad everyday.

Vitamins and minerals that will help boost your immune system are vitamin C, selenium, zinc, beta carotene and vitamin E.

Vitamin E is not as popular as vitamin C as an immune booster. Surprisingly, both are equals as immune boosters. Most people don't get vitamin E from food. If you smoke and drink alcohol, you need more of this vitamin.

Consider taking Ganoderma extract supplements because they contain vitamin E.

But if fruits and vegetables are not a major part of your diet, you can still build and boost it by taking supplements. By the way, keep in mind that the more natural the supplements you choose, the better for you.

Ganoderma extract or Reishi mushrooms are found to be a good source of vitamins and minerals for your immune system. A blue-green algae known as Spirulina also provides health benefits.

Increased number of an antibody known as interferon is one of the health benefits of Vitamin C.

You should also aim for any of the healthy eating plans such as the raw vegan diet. The foods included in healthy diets can enhance and build your body's natural killer cells.

Why should you feed your body's first line of defense?

Proper and enough nourishment can build and increase the number and the strength of white blood cells. The white blood cells are known as the "soldiers" of your immune system.

Proper nutrition will also remove the weak white cells. Removal of the deadwood is one great way on how to build up immune system. It's also a way to build a mightier army against the formidable list of infectious diseases you face everyday.

2. Exercise Regularly

Why should people exercise? Recent studies have found a link between a healthy immune system and regular moderate exercise.

Being physical active consistently helps build your immune system to function optimally. During moderate exercise, your white blood cells go on patrol throughout your body more quickly. Your whiteblood cells also have better capacity to attack and kill bacteria and viruses.

Exercising regularly can make these positive effects last longer. My husband run everyday and I try to walk everyday.

3. Manage Stress

foot massage relieves stress and builds up immune system

Are you under too much stress lately? A massage helps relieve it. It can be a scalp or a body massage. My top favorite is a foot massage! Just make sure you use an organic and chemical-free massage oil. Avoid mineral oil because it can age your skin fast.

Too much stress has an impact on your health. It causes harm to your innate resistance.

Your immune system's functions are dampened when you undergo chronic high stress. Frequent contact with chronic stress causes your body to produce unusual amount of cortisol. Effects of cortisol are harmful.

When the immune system is down, you are more prone to the long list of infectious diseases. So try to avoid being stressed as much as you can. If you can't, learn some stress relief tips. One activity I recently discovered and really enjoy doing is listening to soothing meditation music.

4. Avoid direct sun exposure

The damaging side effects of exposure to ultraviolet radiation also affect your body's immune functions.

Lastly, another tip on how to build up immune system to prevent cancer: Eliminate your unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking.

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