Spirulina Health Benefits
Natural Supplements for Cancer Prevention

Spirulina health benefits include prevention of cancer and its metastasis. Taking Spirulina supplements prevents cancer causing viruses from copying your cells, stops inflammation that feeds cancer, cleanses your bowel and protects it from colon polyps, provides you with a more active immune system and helps protect from Polonium poisoning.

In fact, Spirulina benefits the health of every normal cell in your body. To know why, check out What is Spirulina.

Do you need proof how good Spirulina is for your health?

Many studies -- in vitro, animal and human researches as well -- have already been done about the benefits of taking Spirulina.

Here are some of the results...

  • Blocks HIV duplication of human T-cells

    Viruses such as HIV can copy your immune cells called T-cells and cause cancers like lymphomas. That's only one way how viruses can hurt you but Spirulina can prevent them from causing harm to your health.

  • Quickly flushes out copper and iron

    Copper and iron are metals that are essential nutrients for your body's health. But too much of these metals don't give health benefits. In fact, too much copper and iron can lead to irreversible inflammatory damage to your cells and tissues. When there is inflammation, there is disease such as cancer.

    What are Spirulina health benefits against these metals? It can flush the excess amount of copper and iron out by binding to them.

  • Counteracts acidity in your body

    An acidic body condition leads to inflammation. It invites a lot of diseases such as cancer, hypertension, diabetes and gout. Spirulina is a highly natural alkaline food. One of its health benefits is prevention of an acidic body.

  • Builds healthy lactobacilli and bifidus in your intestines

    Healthy and natural bacteria can be found in your intestines. These bacteria provide you with 3 major health benefits like...

    1) better food digestion and absorption,

    2) protection from infections, and

    3) stronger and more active immune system.

    The kind of food you eat affect the friendly bacteria in your intestines. Eating more fruits and raw fresh vegetables provide health benefits to Lactobacilli and Bifidus bacteria to flourish. But if you eat unhealthy food most of the time, these bacteria can weaken and die.

    Results from a clinical research done in Japan on Spirulina health benefits show that it nourishes the friendly bacteria in your intestines.

  • Protects your liver against cirrhosis

    Your liver's health benefits from taking Spirulina. It contains high amounts of natural vegetative protein, vitamin B6 and magnesium which strengthen your liver. It provides choline to your liver. Choline is necessary for a healthy liver because it prevents fats from accumulating in the liver.

    Cirrhosis is one of the negative effects of alcohol abuse. If you drink too much, it's best that you quit. If you can't quit, get health benefits for your liver with Spirulina.

  • Speeds up your body's metabolism

    It is the richest source of natural chlorophyll. Chlorophyll benefits you by helping maintaining a healthy weight, which is needed to prevent hormone-related cancers.

  • Prevention of colorectal polyps and stomach cancer

    Spirulina is a rich source of natural fiber. Since it also contains chlorophyll, its health benefits include...

    1) cleansing of your colon and intestines and

    2) protection of the lining of your stomach from irritants.

  • Increases and strengthens the natural killer (NK) cells of your immune system

    The natural supplement benefits your immune system by strengthening and increasing the number of the NK cells, which specifically target cancer cells. It also raises the number of macrophages and makes them more active and effective in killing germs.

    Related information on Spirulina health benefits on your immune system is in this article from Science Direct.

  • Prevents cancer from growing, multiplying and spreading

    If you have cancer, what health benefits can Spirulina give you? It is found to be very rich in phycocyanin, a natural pigment that can prevent cancer from forming a colony in your body and from metastasizing if you already have the disease. Together with Ganoderma Extract and Vitamin C, this immune system booster can prevent activities of cancer cells.

  • Deactivates free radicals that can harm your body

    Spirulina is one of the best natural sources of antioxidants such as carotenoids, beta carotene, zeaxanthin and alpha carotene. These powerful antioxidants provide health benefits such as prevention of free radicals from damaging the cells of your body.

    Free radicals are effects of pollution and toxic chemicals in the environment, misuse of synthetic medicines and an unhealthy lifestyle. They cause harm to your health and contribute to the development of cancer.

  • Strengthens your normal cells and immune system

    Spirulina health benefits include helping your cells and natural defense system fight cancerous cells. If you have cancer and are undergoing treatment such as radiation, your healthy cells need assistance against the abnormal cells and the damage radiation can do.

  • Builds up your immune system's ability to generate new blood cells

    When you take Spirulina, it benefits your immune system as it increases the activities of its T cells, bone marrow stem cells, NK cells, macrophages, spleen and thymus glands to fight off infection and to produce new and healthy cells.

  • Protects you from Polonium poisoning

    Sea algaes such as Spirulina can flush out Polonium.

Polonium Facts To Know. . .

Polonium is one of the radioactive chemicals that come from nuclear power plants. It can contaminate the sources of food and water and even the air.

It attacks your blood cells and your immune system. Alexander Litvinenko is the first confirmed victim of Polonium poisoning.

You owe it to yourself to consider the benefits adding a natural immune system booster such as Spirulina can provide, especially if your main source of protein is animal protein. If you already have cancer, changing the way you live and eat can help you in overcoming the disease. Try Spirulina health benefits may just make the big difference.

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