Positive Spirulina Side Effects
Natural Benefits Include Cancer Prevention

Positive Spirulina side effects go beyond prevention of cancer.

Your heart can enjoy many positive benefits such as well-functioning arteries. It also helps control the aging of an adult brain. Are you diabetic? Control or reversal of diabetes is one of its health benefits. How about children? Children who take it get prevention of anemia. The supplement is also a step on how to boost the immune system. To understand what's in the algae that provides healthy side effects, check out this article: What is Spirulina - Facts and Information.

The healthy side effects of natural Spirulina include . . .

1. Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs)

Your heart benefits from the positive Spirulina side effects. If you're taking it and you experience a stroke, the intensity of the stroke will be milder. If you already had a stroke, taking it benefits you by reducing the negative side effects of the stroke and by improving your motor skills during recuperation.

If you have cancer and you are undergoing chemotherapy as your treatment, it offers natural health benefits for your heart just like Ganoderma Extract. It defends your heart from damage which is one of the side effects of chemo drugs such as Doxorubicin.

One of the benefits of taking natural Spirulina supplements include reduction of blood cholesterol. Spirulina benefits your circulatory system because it is rich in Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid.

Here's more: Scientific studies done among men in Japan and India show positive results. Daily intake of natural Spirulina benefits their hearts. Its positive side effects include decreased level of cholesterol and improved functions of the arteries of the heart. A normal cholesterol level and healthy arteries have positive side effects on your blood pressure.

The studies done also indicate benefits of natural Spirulina such as lowering of LDL (commonly known as the bad cholesterol) and increasing HDL (the good cholesterol).

Other studies done on men and women in Germany and India show positive results. The experts found out that reduction of both cholesterol level and weight are positive side effects of the natural healthy algae. The results show Spirulina benefits the overall health of your cardiovascular system.

2. Protects the health of children

Its positive side effects can also be seen in the brain development of small children. The brain of an older person also benefits from the algae because it fights memory loss or decline due to aging. Health benefits of Spirulina on your brain come from its being a good and natural source of choline.

What are the other benefits and positive side effects children get from the algae? Its side effects include prevention and natural treatment of hay fever. Other positive Spirulina side effects on children are weight gain and correction of anemia in undernourished and even in HIV-infected children.

3. Prevention of diabetes

If you're diabetic, your blood glucose or sugar is high either because your body lacks enough insulin hormone or doesn't use insulin efficiently. Insulin carries the glucose to your cells which turn the glucose into energy. Diabetes sets in if glucose stays and accumulates in the blood.

Daily intake of natural Spirulina results to a normal level of blood sugar as one of its beneficial side effects. How does this happen? It helps your body produce sufficient insulin and use the hormone efficiently to metabolize the carbohydrates and lipids you get from the foods you eat.

4. Prevents allergies

Positive side effects of daily intake include reduction of too much production of pro-inflammatory interleukin-K. Interleukin-K causes allergic rhinitis flare-ups. The findings of a study made on 150 allergic rhinitis patient in 2008 show positive results. Experts found that Spirulina health benefits include a decrease in pro-inflammatory interleukin-K by as much as 32%.

5. Protects your digestive system

It offers positive side effects on your digestive system. The natural algae benefits the healthy functions of the colon and intestines. If you suffer from hemorrhoids or constipation, taking Spirulina supplements and adding flax seeds to your meals provide positive benefits because both contain natural fiber.

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A well-functioning digestive system is also essential for an active immunity and for the prevention of colon polyps and even cancer of the colon. Taking Spirulina can even be a part of natural colon cleansing.

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It contains chlorophyll. What are the positive benefits of chlorophyll? It helps ease symptoms of gastric ulcers and prevents stomach ulceration. The chlorophyll provides a natural protective coating to your stomach.

Your body has natural enzymes that digest your food, help repair your DNA and power your vital systems. But if you always eat unhealthy foods, the side effects are weak and useless enzymes.

A raw vegan diet is rich in natural living enzymes coming from fresh fruits, juices and vegetables. It is a recommended positive way of eating. A typical Western type of diet is almost always devoid of natural enzymes. If you have been eating the Western type of diet most of your life, taking Spirulina is highly recommended. Its natural nutrients can trigger and enhance your body's natural enzymes to thrive and perform their functions more effectively.

More positive Spirulina side effects include the maintenance of a healthy natural intestinal environment. The algae can serve as food for Lactobacillus and Bifidus (which are positive intestinal bacteria).

A healthy number of these natural bacteria stops pathogens like E. coli and Candida from causing digestive problems.

If you're interested to know the positive Spirulina side effects on cancers, check this out: Natural Spirulina Health Benefits.

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