What is Colon Cleansing

What is colon cleansing and its benefits? Colonic or bowel cleanse is a method used to remove wastes and toxins from your bowel. It works to prevent polyp formation which can lead to tumor growth . A healthier and polyp-free bowel and clear skin are just some of the advantages. Is colonic cleansing safe? Yes if you go for the natural methods of cleansing your bowel.

How to Cleanse Your Bowel

There are many ways to skin the cat so to speak. Colonic cleaning is done by using any of the following:

1. colonic irrigation with the use of a special machine or an enema kit,

2. dietary supplements,

3. laxatives,

4. certain herbs,

5. strong herbal teas,

6. enzymes, and

7. a certain type of diet.

How and Where Colonic Cleaning Start

The practice can be traced back to how the ancient Greeks and Egyptians believed that stools lining your bowel and rectal walls are toxic. For them, these stools must be thoroughly removed because they contain many parasites and bacteria that can cause various diseases.

Many Americans took to the practice during the 1920s and did so for more than a decade. Because of lack of scientific basis, it became unpopular and most people stopped doing it. Today, it is popular again even when its supposedly benefits are still not backed by research.

Colonic Irrigation

What is colon cleansing through colonic irrigation?

It is a procedure done by a professional such as a hygienist or therapist. It is similar to an enema because water is injected into your rectum with the use of a machine. But in colonic irrigation, the water goes not only into your rectum but right up into your bowel and as much as 20 gallons of water are used.

Colonic irrigation has its medical purpose because it may be prescribed by your doctor before a surgery or a colonoscopy.

These days, the procedure may involve not only plain water but also water mixed with any of the following: coffee (also known as coffee enema), probiotics, herbs or enzymes.

Are you thinking you need to cleanse regularly? Side effects to expect are negative according to those who don't believe in it. But its benefits are plenty according to those who encourage it.

How Colonic Cleaning Works for Cancer Prevention

It depends on the method used. There are medical experts who believe that unnecessary and excessive cleansing is not safe and may cause more harm than good. According to them, the negative side effects include:

  • disturbance of the natural balance in your large intestine as a result of too much cleansing leading to your bowel's inability to slough off and expel dead cells,
  • infection in the bowel especially when you cleanse at home and the equipment is not sterilized well,
  • dehydration or loss of important electrolytes in the body,
  • anemia,
  • the bowel may be damaged with improper insertion, and
  • psychological dependence -- you are unable to move your bowel without the colonic procedure.

According to them, you don't need excessive cleansing because your bowel is able to clean itself by itself, except in cases where it has abnormalities that can prevent it from expelling waste.

But there are people who believe that bowel cleansing can provide positive side effects such as . . .

  • healthier immune system as it can stimulate your gallbladder and liver to flush out toxins inside your body,
  • prevention for bowel cancer and polyps,
  • healthier digestive system,
  • better mood and higher level of energy,
  • weight loss which helps in prevention of hormone-related cancers, and
  • clear skin.

What is colon cleansing and how does it work for cancer prevention? What method is safe? I believe a natural method of cleansing -- such as going for a raw vegan diet -- does.

It offers health benefits, especially if you eat a lot of unhealthy food most of the time. Remember that what you eat is one of the risk factors for bowel and rectal tumors.

But I don't believe in colonic irrigation as a means to cleanse your bowel unless required by your doctor before a medical procedure.

Colonic Cleaning to Treat Colorectal Cancer

Will this particular procedure work as treatment?

No, it cannot cure tumors especially colon cancer at stage 4. It is more effective as a step on prevention against polyps. But it can help if cancerous cells are at a very early stage.

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