Harmful Side Effects of Radiation Exposure

Harmful side effects of radiation on your health are the deadliest and the most common types of cancer. Prevention starts with protection from too much exposure to radiation.

There are two types of radiation that may trigger the onset of tumor and they are: Ionizing and Ultraviolet.

Types of cancer that are caused by overexposure to radiation include . . . .

1. Leukemia

Leukemia is the most common radiation-induced tumor. The disease develops within 2 years after acute exposure to the harmful health effects of radiation.

Leukemia is very common among cancer patients who undergo radiotherapy to treat their tumors.

2. Thyroid Cancer

This is one of the rare types of cancer. Experts say one very important risk factor is being exposed to high levels of radiation such as from radiation therapy or gases with radioactive elements from leaks or accidents in nuclear plants or weapons.

Your thyroid gland is very vulnerable to the radioactive element known as Iodine-131. This organ easily absorbs I-131 causing damage to its cells. But you can protect yourself from I-131. See how in cancer prevention strategies against radiation.

3. Female Breast Cancer

One of the side effects of exposure to ionization is increased risk for breast tumors. In fact, your risk is twice the risk of someone who hasn't been exposed.

The disease may also develop much early in you. But it's not the only thing to blame for breast tumors. (See What Causes Breast Tumors)

4. Skin Cancer

The main culprit for the growth of cancerous cells in your skin is overexposure to the effects of ultraviolet radiation.

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5. Bone Cancer

6. Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the health effects of exposure to ionizing energy, particularly the small cell type.

Your risk is 50% higher if you are frequently exposed to high doses of ionizing energy compared to someone who isn't.

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7. Cutaneous T cell lymphoma

Sixty five percent (65%) of diagnosed cases of skin lymphoma are cutaneous T cell. It has been observed among cancer patients who have received radiation as treatment.

Therapy using ionizing energy is effective in treating some tumors but one of the adverse effects is it can very likely cause secondary cancers.

This is evident among female patients with Hodgkins disease who are being treated with ionizing radiation. They are at a higher risk to develop tumors in their breasts. How does this happen? The cancerous cells together with the normal cells will be exposed to radiation at the same time.

It's impossible for radiation to avoid the normal cells. Some normal cells will die or be damaged possibly creating new genetic mutations. And on it goes like a cycle.

Exposure to frequent and high doses of radiation also has harmful effects on your immune system. Patients who are treated with it are more susceptible to infections because of compromised immune system.

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