First Signs of Skin Cancer
Early and Warning Symptoms of Derma Cancers

Sores and blisters that don't heal no matter what you do are one of the first five signs of skin cancer. Early symptoms also include abnormal and unusual skin changes such as the growth of new moles. Growing plenty of moles when you used not to have them is not normal at all.

Signs and symptoms are regardless of the type: Melanoma, Basal cell or Squamous cell carcinomas. However, changes in your moles are usually Melanoma symptoms.

Why should you be aware of the warning signs and symptoms? Because prevention and even treatment is easier when you know what early signs to check out and look for.

Bear in mind that early and warning signs or symptoms for both melanoma and non-melanoma don't look the same. General first signs depend on the type of tumor.

What are the first five signs of skin cancer?

1. Changes in your moles

If you notice any unusual changes in the appearance of your moles, have them checked because they are specific warning symptoms of melanoma.

2. Sores that take long to heal

Sores are important symptoms. Be concerned when you have sores that. . .

  • don't heal within a month, or

  • continue to hurt, itch, bleed, scab or crust for more than 4 weeks, or

  • skin surrounding the sore starts to get deeper or erodes, resulting to blisters.

Sometimes, a sore that doesn't heal quickly can mean something else besides tumor. It can be a symptom of diabetes. That's why it's best that you go to a doctor.

3. Lumps

The Non-Melanomas exhibit lumps as their first or early symptoms. Lumps as symptoms differ depending on the type of tumor - either basal cell or squamous cell.

4. Appearance of new moles

New moles are important symptoms of melanoma. If you are always outdoors and you notice new or increasing number of moles that appear on your skin, have a dermatologist check them ASAP. Remember, melanoma is deadly.

5. Abnormal skin growths

Don't disregard weird-looking growths. See a dermatologist for these symptoms.

How do lumps look like in basal cell carcinoma?

Lumps are first warning signs of basal cell carcinoma. A lump is either. . .

  • small
  • shiny
  • waxy
  • slow growing and
  • are either pink or red in color.
Lumps may bleed and form crust. These early signs are usually found on the face, scalp, ears, shoulders, back and hands.

How do lumps look like in squamous cell tumor?

Lumps as symptoms in squamous cell carcinoma are. . .

  • pink or red in color
  • are hard
  • have firm scaly texture
  • easily bleed and erode.
They are warning signs that are usually found on the face, neck, arms, shoulders, lips, ears, hands and legs.

These are important early and first signs of skin cancer you must see your doctor about.

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