Benefits of Giving Up Smoking
Quitting for Lung Cancer Prevention

One of the major benefits of giving up smoking is lung cancer prevention. There are other causes of lung cancer but smoking is the number one risk factor. If you decide on giving up those cigarettes today, you get a 50% reduced risk for the disease after 10 years. Giving up smoking cigarettes benefits you most and the people around you are protected from the deadly effects of second hand smoke. Quitting is the best prevention step against the deadliest and the most aggressive type of carcinoma. Other health advantages of quitting include prevention of lung diseases caused by tobacco use.

Prevention of DNA mutations in your lung cells is an effect of quitting smoking. Giving up smoking benefits you because it can increase the quality of your life. You can reverse some of the damage or negative effects that cigarettes have done to your lungs by just giving them up. If you or your spouse smoke and are having a difficult time having a baby, quitting is your best option. It benefits both your reproductive systems.

If you don't smoke, good for you and your family because effects of second hand smoke are even worse. Children are the most vulnerable to lung diseases such as chronic cough, which is also one of the warning signs of lung cancer. Children who live with parents who smoke are more prone to lung complications such as asthma. The best prevention tip is giving up those cigarettes for your children's health.

What are the other advantages of quitting tobacco use?

Benefits of quitting the habit include prevention of other cancers and painful side effects of lung cancer such as chronic pneumonia.

advantages of quitting smoking

Your risk for oral and laryngeal cancers practically disappears within ten years of giving up the habit.

Your risk for breast tumor is also decreased if you decide on giving up those cigarettes.

Unfortunately, health risks for tumor in your bladder is still higher than normal 20 years after quitting.

What if you just cut down the number of cigarettes you light each day?

Cutting down the number of cigarettes you smoke would still bring positive benefits on your health such as prevention of lung and heart diseases caused by smoking. However, quitting 100% is the only way to experience full prevention of health risks.

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According to a report in a medical journal called Chest, another one of the known benefits of giving up smoking is reduced inflammation in your body. When inflammation is lessened, benefits include diminished risk for developing and dying from lung and heart diseases.

One study found that smokers who only decreased the number of cigarettes they smoked did not have the same advantages and benefits with those who totally decided on giving up those cigarettes. They had similar risks of dying from heart diseases and only slightly lower risks of dying from different cancers.

Basic advantages of quitting smoking include improvement of your health whatever your age is and prevention of cancer or any of the serious diseases caused by cigarette use to start. The best among the health benefits of giving up smoking at any age is increasing your life expectancy.

I hope you have decided on finally quitting. Take charge of your and your family's health by quitting today.

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