How to Prevent Cancer of the Lungs
Prevention of Lung Diseases

The first step on how to prevent cancer in your lungs is to not smoke at all. If you smoke, quit. If you don't smoke, avoid second hand smoke at all cost.

Both steps are for the prevention of lung tumor. Prevention of lung cancer is easier because it's one of the lifestyle-related cancers.

Smoking also causes other lung diseases. Just by avoiding tobacco smoke will make a difference to the health of your lungs.

Other prevention steps against lung diseases include eating foods high in vitamin c and avoiding highly toxic chemicals such as asbestos fiber in the environment.

No less than the AC Society claims that "the risk of developing most types of the disease can be reduced by changes in a person's lifestyle".

How to prevent lung cancer?

Here's some of the prevention steps. . .

Never ever smoke or use any form of tobacco.

how to prevent lung cancer

Not smoking is the first step on how to prevent cancer in the lungs. If you don't have the nicotine habit, then you're doing fine compared to a smoker because you will enjoy the many health benefits of not smoking.

If you're tempted to try smoking, always remember that it has many insidious and deadly consequences such as getting smokers' lungs. Read the facts about the dangers of smoking.

Quit smoking or give up tobacco use.

Quitting smoking may be difficult but it is an important prevention step that you should do. Why you should give up the habit? To prevent a lot of lung infections caused by smoking. Tobacco use harms your health and reduces the quality of your life.

If you stop, you will gain many health benefits from giving up smoking.

Avoid second hand smoke.

If you don't smoke but you live with someone who does, you still inhale far more dangerous fumes. This is called second hand smoking.

Try to stay away from places where smoking is allowed. Many countries are now banning public smoking for the prevention of lung diseases.

If you're the smoker, why not quit for your family? Your family doesn't deserve any of the lung diseases caused by smoking. Quitting will help you prevent them from getting sick.

Click to read the health effects of giving up smoking.

Stop drinking or limit alcohol intake.

Some experts say there's no harm in having one glass of wine or one bottle of beer a day. A bottle of beer may be one strategy on prevention against viruses that cause cancer, particularly H. Pylori bacteria that affects the stomach.

But it's a different matter if you drink more than one bottle too often. The list of negative effects of alcohol on your health is long. Prevention of lung cancer becomes more difficult if you drink and smoke.

Alcohol increases the carcinogenic effects of tobacco. It also leads to a weak immune system. A weak immune system makes it hard for your body to prevent negative effects of viruses, germs or bacteria on your health.

Eat healthy foods.

How does the type of food you eat prevent lung tumor? What you eat can either make you healthy or sick; it can either prevent or encourage tumors. How is this possible?

If you fill up your plate with more fruits and vegetables, you get lung cancer prevention. Fruits such as papaya promote lung health because it is rich in vitamins A and C. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli are also found to help prevent lung diseases and tumor growth.

See Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet.

And to give you and your family the best nutrition and prevention of hormone-related cancers, always try to eat organic food.

Get up and move.

Being active can strengthen your immune system and can prevent weight gain and obesity. Try to walk as much as possible and as often as you can. It is an inexpensive but very effective form of exercise. Merely 30 minutes of daily walking will help a lot on how to prevent cancer such as colorectal and breast types.

Click here for info on importance of and benefits to exercise.

Protect yourself from UV and ionizing radiation.

The sun's ultraviolet rays do not only cause skin hazards. They also weaken your immune system. Be sure to apply a good sunblock lotion for prevention against UV radiation. Also, make sure your home is free from Ionizing radiation coming from radon gas. Radon gas is proven to be one of the major causes of lung tumor. Prevention involves checking your home for and getting rid of radon gas.

Prevention against occupational hazards.

How to prevent cancer in your lungs from starting? If your job entails exposure to asbestos, benzene or other chemicals, be sure to strictly follow instructions and safety tips. Prevention of being exposed to asbestos fibers should be a priority.

Asbestos fibers can lead to lung scarring, lung diseases and lung infections.

Boost your immune system.

Lung infections and tumors need a breeding ground to develop and flourish. A poor immune system is a fertile breeding ground. So, boosting your immune system is a good step on how to prevent cancer of all types.

Avoid taking beta-carotene supplements.

If you are a heavy smoker, don't take beta-carotene supplements. Studies show that when beta carotene is given to a smoker, it increases risk for tumor development in his/her lungs. There are other immune system supplements such as Ganoderma Extract that are for lung cancer prevention.

Avoid air pollution.

Cases of lung infections and lung tumor are found to be unusually higher in cities and countries with higher levels of air pollution. Polluted air can also worsen smokers' lungs. Prevention involves choosing to live in less modern cities which have cleaner air.

Take Ganoderma extract and Spirulina supplements.

How to prevent cancer in your lungs? Take Ganoderma Extract supplements. Ganoderma has been found to have anti-tumor and cleansing effects. Another natural immune system supplement known as Spirulina can counteract acidity in your body.

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