Benefits of Not Smoking On Your Health

Benefits of not smoking at all are plenty. One is you can successfully avoid smoker lungs. If you are a teenager who is tempted to start the habit, please don't.

Let me tell you the benefits why you should not smoke. I know there is so much pressure on you. Your friends who smoke may look cool. But really, if you know what consequences they will face in the future, smoking will lose its coolness.

Why you should not smoke?

If you don't smoke, good for you and keep doing so. There are many health benefits you are getting from your decision. How do I know?

My father died of lung cancer. He used to smoke a lot during his younger years for a long time. He quit the habit before he turned 40 but the damage had already been done to the cells of his lung. He wasn't able to avoid lung cancer.

1. Prevention of Lung Cancer and Other Types

Not smoking at all can prevent not only lung cancer but also cancers like breast and leukemia. Most people I know don't realize that smoking can also lead to other types of tumor.

Tobacco contains a lot of poisons such as benzene that are proven to activate the dormant cancerous cells inside your body. Benzene is only one of the dangerous chemicals that is proven to be one of the causes of chronic lymphocytic leukemia or CLL.

Today, more women who are only in their 30s and smoke a lot have been diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer.

2. Prevention of DNA Mutations

When you light up that cigarette and each time you suck on it, you are subjecting the cells of your lungs to harmful DNA mutations.

3. Protection Against Respiratory and Heart Diseases

Benefits of not smoking include protection from heart diseases such as stroke and from lung infections such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD).

Prevention of lung infections is very important because people who have been diagnosed with COPD are usually at a higher risk to develop tumors in their lungs. I remember my father being sick often with pneumonia or bronchitis. Ironically, it was during those years he was already free of his smoking habit.

4. Protection of Your Family Against Secondhand Smoke

The harmful effects of second hand smoke are mind-boggling. If you don't smoke but are always around someone who is a chain smoker, your lungs take a worse beating.

Babies or small children who live with family members who smoke are the most vulnerable. When they grow up, they have a higher risk for tumor growth. If you're pregnant and are exposed to environmental tobacco smoke or ETS, you have a tendency to give birth to a baby with low birth weight.

If you choose not to smoke at all, it's not only your lungs that will enjoy the benefits. Your loved ones will also enjoy the benefits of being protected from getting smokers' lungs.

5. Healthier Immune System

The health of your immune system is affected by your lifestyle. Tobacco use has harmful effects on your immune system.

Benefits of not smoking at all will also be for the sake of your body's immune functions. A non smoker not only has healthier lungs but also has a much healthier immune system than a smoker. The poisonous chemicals in one cigarette can weaken your body's first line of defense.

If you smoke, you are more prone to lung problems and even infections.

6. Healthier Physical Appearance

Oh yes, sucking on those cigarettes will affect how you will look eventually. Benefits of quitting are younger looking skin and a healthier mouth. Your skin also looks less wrinkled compared to a smoker. Also, your teeth will look better and your breath will smell sweeter.

If you already are smoking, consider quitting. I know it's not easy but it's not impossible if you decide to be healthier and to enjoy the health benefits of not smoking.

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