Unhealthy Eating Habits that Encourage Cancer

Are you guilty of unhealthy eating habits? If you are, are you aware that such unhealthy habits can also be symptoms of eating disorders? Your habits greatly affect your food choices. Unhealthy choice of food is one of the leading causes of colon polyps and the weakening of your immune system as well. Unhealthy habits can worsen and turn into disorders that can threaten your life.

Look inside your refrigerator or your pantry. What do you see? I hope nutritious foods are what you see. More often than not, unhealthy foods are bought or are eaten because of unhealthy eating habits or disorders.

5 Symptoms of Eating Disorders

1. Skipping meals

This is one of the eating disorders many busy people are guilty of. Skipping meals, particularly breakfast, is one of the unhealthy habits that messes up your metabolism and blood sugar levels.

Your metabolic rate may decrease as much as 10-15% and your blood sugar level can take a dive without breakfast.

Why is skipping a meal one of the no-no habits? When your blood sugar is way too low, you will crave for a quick fix which may include a bar of chocolate, a bag of potato chips, or a burger. Such types of food are unhealthy. Children who learn poor eating habits early in life grow up to be obese because they will prefer energy-dense foods. They are also more prone to eating disorders such as bulimia.

2. Binging

Binging is one of the poor eating habits, which is also an effect of skipping a meal. Both disorders occur like a vicious cycle.

Skipping a meal makes you really hungry, so when you go to eat your next meal, you'll probably end up overeating and even, consuming anything, or worse, everything!

If you skip meals, you also tend to binge more on fatty snack foods like chips and pizza or on sugar-laden foods like cookies and donuts.

3. Starving

Some people think starving themselves is an effective way to lose weight. What they are not aware of is it is one of the poor habits that simply doesn't work.

When you starve yourself, your body holds on to fat. Your body burns your lean muscle for energy instead, and so, the fat stays. What is worse is starving is just like when you skip a meal. Both habits make you hungrier, more prone to overeating and may lead to disorders.

4. Eating right before bedtime

Eating right before bedtime is one of the unsound habits. Your digestive system needs time to fully digest the food you take in. If you eat fatty foods before going to bed, the fats you just ate will slow down the emptying of your stomach and if you eat this way all the time, it often leads to chronic indigestion pain.

If your diet has red meat as a major part, be aware that it is what causes colon cancer to start.

5. Eating more of fast foods or ready-to-eat foods

Are you fond of ready-to-eat and fast foods? Examples of ready-to-eat foods are those that are canned such as corned beef or processed like instant noodles. Fast foods such as french fries are laden with saturated fats while those which are canned or processed are filled with nitrites and sodium.

When you eat more of these kind of food frequently then you are assured of an unhealthy body. These are foods that are leading causes of colon polyps and even tumor.

Choosing unhealthy foods over healthy ones is always a result of unhealthy eating. Poor habits may lead to the many dangers of being overweight or obesity and disorders like anorexia.

There are many diseases associated with obesity such as heart disorders and even various cancers.

The link between nutrition habits or disorders and different cancers may not be as clear-cut as the link between smoking and the disease. But no less than the World Cancer Research Fund International believes that "prevention and control of cancer are possible by means of healthy food and nutrition, physical activity and weight management".

Weight management is impossible with unhealthy eating habits or disorders.

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