Cancer and Obesity Facts

There is a cause and effect link between cancer and obesity. Being overweight is a proven cause of tumors in the breast, the colon and the prostate. What are the facts? Having a body mass index above what is considered as normal is a cause of other non-communicable but life-threatening diseases such as diabetes.

First, let's talk about obesity. It is basically an effect of the following:

1. Sedentary lifestyle - A lifestyle that is characterized by physical inactivity.

2. High-fat diet - A diet that is high in calories and/or saturated or trans fats.

Facts point to the main cause and effect of obesity as eating more and moving less resulting to may types of diseases.

Experts through years of research confirm facts that being overweight, next to the effects of tobacco smoking, is already a major lifestyle cause or risk factor that promotes tumor development and growth.

Links Between Cancer and Obesity

Having a body mass index or BMI above what is considered as normal has adverse effects on your health. According to medical facts, being overweight or obese often leads to . . .

1. Proliferation of Gastrointestinal Hormones

Your abdominal fat is high when you are obese. Thus, you can expect to have a large amount of gastrointestinal hormones compared to someone who has a normal BMI.

Facts will tell you that an unusual level of hormones is a cause of prostate, colon, and pancreatic cancers.

2. Increased Insulin Levels

If you are obese, your insulin level is higher compared to someone who is not. Too much insulin in the body raises your risk for kidney problem and colon tumors.

3. Physiology of Lymphatic Flow

The lymphatic system is also known as the immune system. How it works and functions is different in people who have an obesity problem.

What are the facts? Fat tissues in a person with normal weight contain just fats. But an obese person's fat tissues contain lots of macrophages which are immune cells that normally attack bacteria or other foreign substances that may harm your body. These cells will release inflammatory hormones called TNFa to warn your immune system.

If you are obese, your fat tissues which are loaded with macrophages, constantly stimulate your immune system to release TNFa. Too much TNFa can lead to inflammation.

All of these effects may contribute to the spread of tumor cells.

Facts from a recent study from the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Center in Houston state that obese patients tend to have slightly larger tumors.

The link between cancer and obesity is evident in these facts: the disease is more likely to recur and its prevention is more difficult among those who struggle with obesity.

Facts You Should Know!

Two-thirds of adult men and women in the U.S. are overweight or obese. It is one of the non-communicable diseases the World Health Organization is worried about.

The number of overweight or obese persons is expected to rise as people continue to not care about prevention by eating more of unhealthy food, and disregarding the importance of exercise.

Obesity is found to be a risk factor in at least 6 types of malignant cancers. Of these, 25 to 30% of them are toxic effects of obesity and physical inactivity.

Three percent of new cases, 14% of deaths in men and 20% of deaths in women due to cancers are linked to being overweight or obesity.

These alarming facts are unfortunate but many types of diseases caused by obesity are easily preventable. Prevention starts with the choice to live healthy. Often we eat depending on how we feel. Emotional eating leads to overeating and choosing food that isn't real (comes in boxes or cans).

But hey, there is hope. Just start moving more and eat more real food such as vegetables and fruits. If you need more inspiration on how to avoid being at the mercy of cancer and obesity, check out  Paula Jacobs' story on how she lost 80 lbs and survived cancer through Zumba.


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