A Malignant Tumor
Effect of DNA Mutations

A malignant tumor is a form of an abnormal and aggressive metastatic cell mutation that cannot be repaired. It is an unusual swelling or lump that indicates cancer. It is a result of abnormal cells grouping together.

What are the characteristics of a malignant cell mutation?

A malignant cell mutation is . . .

1. Invasive

It spreads to other tissues and organs. It presses them aside and penetrates them as well. It is also known as metastatic tumor.

2. Grows rapidly

It grows very quickly in number and in size. Its growth can be very damaging to healthy tissues and cells.

The next thing a cancerous cell does is to destroy the normal and healthy cells around them.

From its characteristics, you can say that such type of tumor is more ambitious and deadlier than a benign one.

3. Metastatic

Metastasis is also present in a cancerous cell which means it can move away from its original location.

How does metastasis occur?

The tumor may shed off some cells which can travel through the bloodstream and grow in another location forming a new abnormal growth.

There are different classifications of cancerous lumps which depend on the location of the growth. For example, sarcomas are one of the four cancer classifications. Sarcomas are malignant soft tissue tumors.

To determine how malignant a tumor is, a small part of the growth is surgically removed and studied under a microscope. This procedure is called biopsy.

Treatment for malignant tumors differs from treatment for a benign tumor. The tumor can also be surgically removed. But if it has already spread, then chemotherapy which is another type of treatment, is usually done with surgery.

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