B Cell Lymphoma Prognosis
What You Should Know

B cell lymphoma prognosis depends on many factors such as the type, the treatment your doctor prescribes, your age, your medical condition and the stage of your tumor at the time of your diagnosis. Symptoms of lymphoma are also important consideration.

The B cell type is an aggressive Non Hodgkins disease. It is further classified into low grade and high grade. Both grades have different prognosis or survival rate.

If you have been diagnosed with a low grade B cell lymphoma such as the follicular type, you have a better prognosis than someone diagnosed with a high grade type. This is because the low grade B cell type can be controlled for many years. Another low grade type that can be controlled with treatment is cutaneous t-cell lymphoma which affects your t-cells.

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If the B type of lymphoma is caught when it's still localized or at stage 1 or 2, prognosis is good as it may be cured with radiation therapy. If it's diagnosed at stage 3 or 4, prognosis may be poor because it becomes difficult to treat. Still, it can be controlled with proper treatment and a healthy immune system.

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What about high grade lymphomas such as diffuse large B cell or DLBCL? It requires a more intensive type of treatment. Fortunately, it is receptive to treatment. In fact, out of 100 patients, 50% are cured with chemotherapy drugs. However, if DLBCL recurs, prognosis is poor because it becomes harder to treat.

Prognosis for B cell lymphomas goes down if your age is over 60 or if your cancer is at stage 3 or 4 at time of diagnosis. It slides down further if you are over 60 and you're diagnosed with an aggressive type.

Over 50% of patients diagnosed with the Burkitt type who are treated with in-depth chemotherapy respond well to it and generally get a good prognosis. However, survival rate slips down if the cancer has already moved to the bone marrow or your spine.

Sadly, prognosis for primary CNS B cell lymphoma is fairly poor. Only about 30% to 50% of people can survive for at least 5 years with proper treatment.

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