Non Hodgkins Lymphoma
Symptoms and Causes of Aggressive NonHodgkins Lymphoma

Non Hodgkins lymphoma or NHL is a large group of cancer affecting both B and T lymphocytes.

NonHodgkins can either be slow growing, mildly aggressive or aggressive. Non-Hodgkin is more complicated and more threatening than Hodgkins disease. The recommended treatment for lymphoma depends on many factors such adult or childhood type. Signs and symptoms of lymphoma are generally similar for both HL and Non-Hodgkin such as swollen lymph nodes, weight loss and persistent fever.

NonHodgkins cancer is caused by many factors such as exposure to certain herbicides and human viruses. NHL can occur at any age unlike Hodgkins. But NonHodgkins cancer is more common in people between 40 to 70 years old. In fact, about 95% of diagnosed cases occur among those in that age range.

Just like HL, NonHodgkins is also more common in men, especially Caucasians. Since it is more aggressive and less predictable than HL, Non Hodgkin is more likely to spread beyond the lymph nodes.

NonHodgkins is more common than HL. Non-Hodgkin cases have gone up by more than 70% over the past 20 years compared to HL which has declined during the same period.

NonHodgkins is classified according to the cell type the cancer starts from and to how it progresses.

What are the classifications of NonHodgkins disease?

Progression of Non Hodgkins lymphoma is classed into 3 grades . . .

  • Low grade. The cancer is indolent and slow growing. Low grade NonHodgkins may take 10 years before it worsens. Once the cancer worsens, it can't be cured with chemotherapy alone.

  • Intermediate grade. The cancer is moderately aggressive. At this grade, Non-Hodgkins grows quite rapidly if left untreated. But with proper treatment, the Non-Hodgkin can go on a remission.

  • High grade. The cancer is aggressive at this grade. Chemotherapy can cure high grade aggressive Non Hodgkin disease but it's not guaranteed. If Non-Hodgkins doesn't respond to chemo drugs, it can lead to rapid death.
An example of high grade aggressive NonHodgkins is Burkitt, which is one of the B cell type of lymphomas.

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Non-Hodgkins can either be B cell or T cell lymphoma. 85% of diagnosed cases are B cell while 15% are T cell. An example of a T cell type of cancer is cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. B cell lymphomas are cancers affecting your B lymphocytes. There are 10 subtypes of B cell lymphoma.

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What are NonHodgkins symptoms?

Symptoms of Non-Hodgkin include the following . . .

What are causes of Non Hodgkin lymphoma cancer?

Nine risk factors for adult Non-Hodgkins include . . .

1. age - the older you are, the more you are at risk

2. gender - being male makes you more prone

3. existing medical conditions such as. . .

4. infection with human viruses such as HTLV-1, Epstein-Barr and Helicobacter Pylori

See here the list of viruses that cause cancer.

5. HIV or AIDS infection

6. previous treatment for Hodgkins Disease such as radiation

7. medicines to suppress your immune system after an organ transplant

8. exposure to certain herbicides and

9. unhealthy diet that is high on fats and meat.

Can NonHodgkins lymphoma be prevented?

Non-Hodgkin can be prevented with a healthy immune system. And to have a healthy immune system, you have to . . .

If you do all of these, you'll get protection from Non Hodgkins lymphoma.

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