Lymphoma Prognosis
Survival Rate for Hodgkins and Non Hodgkins Diseases

Lymphoma prognosis is a lot better compared to that of lung cancer. In fact, survival rate is 90% or higher with early detection. And if you are diagnosed with Hodgkins disease, your prognosis is better than if you have Non Hodgkins lymphoma. A positive prognosis also depends on the type of treatment you and your doctor choose..

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Lymphoma is actually one of the more curable types of cancer. However, you must also know that your prognosis - chance of being cured and of survival - depends on a lot of things.

What factors affect lymphoma survival?

Many factors are considered by your doctor when coming up with a prognosis. They are . . .

  • The stage of your lymphoma at the time of diagnosis.

    Most lymphomas have a good prognosis because they are usually cured when they are detected early.

    An example is the follicular b cell type. When it is treated while it is still confined in its original location, it is usually cured with radiation. In fact, for every 100 patients with stage 1 or 2 follicular b cell, between 60 to 80 survive and are well 10 years later with proper treatment.

  • The type you are diagnosed with.

    Is it Hodgkins or Non Hodgkins? Lymphoma prognosis varies because it has many and different types. In fact, there are about 5 types of Hodgkins and 30 types of Non Hodgkins.

    Hodgkins generally has a better prognosis compared to Non Hodgkins. In fact, many Hodgkins lymphoma patients respond better with treatment than NHL patients. Cutaneous T Cell lymphoma is a rare NHL type that can be aggressive.

    If you experience relapse after being treated for Hodgkins, your cancer can be treated again with success. Stem cell transplant is usually the recommended treatment for recurring Hodgkins. In fact, Hodgkins lymphoma gets a very good prognosis even in advanced stage. It has a very high cure rate.

  • The grade of your lymphoma.

    Do you have a low grade or high grade cancer? High grade lymphomas are aggressive. They are more difficult to treat and have a poorer prognosis compared to low grade or indolent lymphomas.

    Large b cell is the most common type of high grade Non Hodgkins while follicular b cell is the most common low grade NHL. Large b cell requires more intensive treatment compared to follicular b cell.

    Click here for info on B cell lymphoma.

  • Your age at the time of diagnosis.

    Your prognosis is better if you are between 15 to 49 years old. If you are over 60 years old, you can expect a poorer prognosis.

    If you are younger, your body is more receptive to treatment. Your immune system is also more able to help your body fight off the disease.

  • Your health status at the time of diagnosis.

    Other existing medical problems besides your cancer can affect your prognosis. What symptoms of lymphoma do you have?

    You are at an advantage if you have a healthy immune system. Your health condition prior to your diagnosis and treatment can also significantly affect your prognosis and survival.

  • Your gender.

    If you are a woman, you have a better chance of survival than if you are a man.

    Will two people with the same type of lymphomas have exactly the same prognosis? If you look at the list of factors that may affect your chance of survival, lymphoma prognosis will greatly vary because you and your cancer are unique.

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