Advantages of Giving Up Alcohol
Include Cancer Prevention

If you drink often and a lot, you should consider giving up alcohol at this very moment. Why should you be quitting drinking? Let me tell you the many health advantages you will get.

quitting drinking

The most important advantage is . . . it is a step on prevention of different types of cancer. If you choose to stop drinking alcohol, you will also avoid its other long term effects.

If you quit, no ethanol goes inside your body and when there is no ethanol to break down, your body will not produce the harmful substance called acetaldehyde.

Acetaldehyde in large quantity inflicts harm to your cells which results to genetic mutations. Would you like to read more about this? See Cancer and Alcohol: The Connection They Have.

What are other benefits if you stop drinking alcohol?

By now, you already know that giving up alcohol can prevent cancer. What happens if you already have the disease? Then, you must quit drinking immediately.

Throwing that bottle for good . . .

Will help your body heal from cancer

How will your body be able to do this?

Alcohol affects your immune system in a bad way. Too much alcohol weakens it. And if you have cancer, you need your immune system to be as healthy as possible. Giving up your habit will mean a much healthier immune system.

will activate your T-cells

If you stop drinking alcohol, the killer t-cells of your immune system are stronger and are better able to stop or to fight cancer. Quitting drinking builds up your immune system.

If you are diagnosed with Type C liver cirrhosis, you should quit immediately. Why? Let me scare you a bit with this finding from studies done...

It was reported that alcohol increases the volume of tumor in patients with Type C cirrhosis.

Giving up alcohol also helps you financially.

Quitting drinking is practical.

If you drink a bottle of regular beer daily, how much would that cost you? In my country, it would be about $0.75 or an equivalent of a kilo of rice. If you quit drinking and save the money you buy beer with, you would have $22.50 by the end of the month.

To stop drinking is a big and difficult decision because alcohol is addicting. But it doesn't mean you can't quit.

Many health experts say having one drink daily for a woman is not considered as a risk factor for tumors in their breasts. But there have been new studies done with the finding that one drink daily increases the risk for the disease. If you have a family history of cancer, then it will be wise to consider this report.

An occasional drink is harmless. People love celebrations and when there is one, alcoholic beverages are a major part of it. Also, in some countries, drinking is considered a common daily activity.

It is when you drink heavily and your habit causes troubles to your family and your work that makes it harmful. When this happens, it's time for you to be giving up alcohol. I'm sure you won't miss it.

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