How to Stop Cancer Causing RNA Viruses

How to stop cancer causing viruses from attacking your body and destroying your health? There are two steps you can do to beat those human viruses.

First, learn everything there is to know about the list of human viruses, especially the RNA viruses.

The second tip on prevention is to do specific steps to stop the viruses from tampering with your genes and from causing cancer.

What are the Steps to Beat RNA Viruses?

Against Human Herpes Virus 8 or HHV-8

  • avoid deep-kissing

  • avoid the use of saliva as a sexual lubricant

Do you know that the HHV-8 is the only type of herpes virus you will never develop antibodies for? It is transmitted through exchange of saliva. It is commonly found in the saliva of AIDS patients. Bisexual and homosexual men are at a higher risk for HHV-8.

Against Hepatitis B and C Viruses (HBV and HCV)Proper hygiene is the first step in prevention of human viruses such as the Hepatitis B and C.

  • Avoid sharing personal items such as toothbrushes, nail clippers and razors,

  • Avoid sharing drug needles or other drug paraphernalia such as straws,

  • Avoid unsanitary body piercing and tattoo methods,

  • Use latex condoms if you have sexual intercourse outside a long-term monogamous relationship,

  • Avoid unsanitary acupuncture,

  • If you require blood transfusion, be sure the blood is screened for both viruses, and

  • the last tip on how to stop cancer is to get vaccinated against HBV.

Both HBV and HCV are transmitted through blood-to-blood contact.

Against Helicobacter pylori

  • Drink moderate amount of wine or beer

    A report from the American Journal of Gastroenterology shows that "consumption of moderate amounts of alcohol in the form of wine, beer, lager, or cider may protect against H. pylori infection."

    But if you are a hard liquor-drinker, your preferred drink may not protect you from this bacteria. It is only wine and beer that are found to increase the secretion of stomach acids and speed up the emptying of the stomach.

    The researchers further note that only wine and beer are rich in compounds with antibacterial activity.

    But before grabbing that drink, be aware that there is a link between cancer and alcohol.

  • Eat onions and garlic

    These allium vegetables have antibacterial effects that may help on how to stop cancer. They are part of the list of foods to prevent cancer. In fact, the incidence of stomach cancer is found to be lower among people with a high intake of allium vegetables.

  • Two tablespoons of olive oil daily.

    Make extra virgin or virgin olive oil a part of your daily diet. Two tablespoons of it everyday will protect you from H-Pylori bacteria. This bacteria is becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics so it is wise to include olive oil.

    Click here for the health benefits of olive oil.

  • Go slow on caffeine

    Drinking coffee, sodas or colas that have a high content of caffeine is associated with an increased occurrence of active H pylori infection. Hence, lessening your caffeine intake can help beat viruses and bacteria and stop cancer from happening.

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Prevention Against Cancer Causing Viruses

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