Somatic Cell Mutation

Somatic mutation is a type of human mutation that occurs in you DNA. It causes 90-95% of cancer cases. A mutation is a change or alteration made in the gene of your cell.

This kind of mutation is also called acquired because the DNA mutation is acquired by your cells after you are born. However, it can also be transmitted to all cells from the mutant cell.

This gives rise to a colony of cells marked by the mutation. Many acquired mutations are involved in the development of cancer and other diseases.

What are the characteristics of a somatic cell mutation?

The characteristics include . . .

  • Change happens in the cells of your body other than the germ cells.

  • Mutation cannot be transmitted to the next generation. If the DNA mutation occurred only in the somatic cells of your body, the changes will not appear in your offspring or in the next generation.

While it is true that somatic changes are acquired, they still may lead to genetic mutations in your DNA to occur if you possess them.

These genetic disorders may eventually result to diseases in your body.

Genetic mutation occurs in the DNA of your cells at some time during your life time. It can be caused by environmental factors such as. . .

In short, acquired mutations are, more often than not, caused by the harmful things you expose yourself to during your lifetime. They lead to sporadic cancers.

See Different Kinds of Cancer: Sporadic, Familial and Hereditary.

However, such kind of DNA mutation can also occur if a mistake is made as your DNA copies itself during cell division.

Five to 10% of cancer cases are caused by germline mutations and cancers that result from germline mutations are known as hereditary cancers.

Cancer may be attributed to disturbance or chaos in your genes but it is largely due to the things you have control over. In short, prevention of cancer is not impossible. There are practical and effective ways to prevent cancer. The question now is: Will you?

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