Anti Cancer Foods

Obviously, anti cancer foods are for the prevention of the disease. However, they also work against heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Fruits and vegetables (which happen to be my favorites) are the major anti-cancer foods. They can cause spontaneous death of cancerous cells that your body makes everyday.

How do they prevent cancers?

anti cancer foods

Here's how they provide prevention against tumors . . .

1. They ensure healthy cell membrane.

Eating anti cancer foods guarantee that membranes of all your cells are in tip top shape.

The membranes of your cells are important for proper communication between them. The membranes must be healthy because studies show that loss of or damage in cell to cell communication can lead to the growth of tumors.

2. They promote cell apoptosis.

We all have cancerous cells inside our bodies. In a healthy body, these abnormal cells don't live long. They die naturally. The death of cells is known as apoptosis. An anti cancer diet encourages the natural death of abnormal cells. Their death is your gain. You are protected from the possibility that they will form into a tumor.

What if you have cancer and you're undergoing treatment? You should be eating more of anti cancer foods. You have to make your body so healthy that cancerous cells can't live in it.

Here's a book full of delicious and easy to prepare recipes to help your body become the worst place for tumor and any other disease to grow in: The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen: Nourishing, Big-Flavor Recipes for Treatment and Recovery. If you are a carer for someone who is battling the big C, you will find this book a big help for you and your patient.

3. Prevention of tumor activities.

Tumors are prolific. They grow rapidly and they love invading nearby tissues and organs. However, your cells have membrane receptors that can stop the tumor's prolific activities. These membrane receptors have to be active and healthy.

Eating fruits and vegetables that are anti-tumor can activate those membrane receptors.

4. They enhance functions of tumor suppressor genes.

The tumor suppressor genes in your cells are responsible for the repair of any damage to the DNA. Eating anti-tumor foods can boost their functions to do their prevention job really well.

5. They encourage prevention of inflammation inside your body.

A tumor needs inflammation to start and to survive. Foods rich in Omega-3s are anti-inflammation because they can stop a certain enzyme that promotes inflammation. If there is no inflammation to feed on, the abnormal cell is unable to grow and dies eventually.

According to a study in the Journal of Carcinogenesis, extra virgin or virgin olive oils are believed to help prevent breast tumors because they are rich in Omega-3s.

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If you are already diagnosed with the disease, avoid foods that cause cancer at all cost. They can create inflammation throughout your body. They can also add to the inflammation already present on which abnormal cells are feeding on.

What anti-tumor fruits and vegetables do is to turn off the switch for inflammation. This anti-inflammation action also reduces risk for other diseases such as osteoarthritis and heart diseases.

6. They reduce risk of obesity.

A higher risk for hormone-related cancers is one of the negative obesity effects. Colon and breast cancers are more common among obese people. Today, obesity is an alarming health problem the United States is facing. A typical American does not consume enough fruits and vegetables.

In June of 2011, First Lady Michelle Obama led the unveiling of USDA's MyPlate which replaces the Food Pyramid. This is to encourage Americans to look at what they put on their plates. The MyPlate recommends that one-half of your plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables. In my opinion, the MyPLate is an anti-obesity plate. Maintaining a normal weight is very important in prevention of cancers caused by unhealthy eating.

7. They improve mood and attitude.

You really are what you eat. Anti-tumor foods are also anti-depressant because of their abundant supply of Omega-3 fats. Studies show that Omega 3s have positive effects on the area of your brain that influences your mood and attitude.

How can a positive mood and attitude be anti-tumor? This is important especially when you are under so much stress. Chronic stress also leads to inflammation. A positive attitude helps you remove stress.

What you and your family eat is entirely up to you. Eating anti cancer foods will make a big difference to your and their health and, eventually, to your lives.

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