What are Organic Foods?
The Facts and Advantages Include Cancer Prevention

Ever wonder what are organic foods? According to food facts, the definition of organic is based on the methods used to produce the food. So, your next question might be: "What are organic food advantages?" Consumption of organic foods can help in the prevention of cancer.

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Organic foods are still the veggies, the fruits, the meat, eggs, milk and more that you and your family buy and consume. But they differ from non-organic or conventional ones with how they are grown, raised and produced.

How Organic Food is Grown and Produced

Based on organic food facts, the following are the methods used in growing or making the food . . .

  • Without the Use of Chemical Fertilizers

    Conventional crops are grown with artificial fertilizers that produce lush growth by swelling the crops with plenty of water but not with essential nutrients.

    One of the organic food advantages is it is rich in essential nutrients for disease prevention.

  • Without the Use of Any Artificial or Chemical Pesticides

    Majority of the vegetables, fruits and grains that are available in the market have been sprayed with chemical pesticides during their growth and even after harvest.

    Pesticide residue in these foods causes harm to your health. Many samples of fresh produce in the market carry residues of multiple types of pesticides.

    A combination of these pesticides results to a “cocktail effect” which researchers confirm as more dangerous. In fact, increase in toxicity is up to 100-fold which can have adverse effects on the reproductive, immune, nervous, and detoxification systems of your body.

    Pesticide-free crops are important especially when you are eating raw vegetables.

  • Without the Use of Hormones

    What are organic foods' advantages over conventional ones?

    No hormones are used in organic raising of livestocks.

    Many livestock and fowl such as cows, pigs, chickens are raised by injecting them hormones to make them grow faster, bigger and fatter.

    These hormones leave a residue and cause a lot of health problems in humans like allergies and worse, hormone-related tumors such as prostate cancer.

    Click here to read the facts on prostate cancer.

  • Without the Use of Antibiotics

    Livestock raised conventionally are injected with antibiotics to make them resistant to diseases. When slaughtered, these antibiotics leave a residue in the meat. No method of cooking can remove the residue.

    According to organic food facts, cattle raised organically is not injected with antibiotics at all.

  • Without the Use of Colorings and Additives

    Again, this is one of the organic food advantages. Food colorings and additives are heavily used on most food preparation but not in organic food.

    Who benefits most from organic foods’ safety and nutrients?

    Children get the most benefits from organic foods because they are more susceptible to the dangers of conventional food. They require a larger intake of food and if they eat mostly conventional foods, this makes their bodies as weak targets for toxins. Children also have immature and developing detoxification and immune systems that might not be able to take the burden of too much pesticide, antibiotic and hormone residues in their bodies.

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