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Benefits of Being Active

Benefits of being active include a healthier immune system. Why is regular exercise important? It reduces and relieves stress and helps in cancer prevention.

Continue reading "Benefits of Being Active"

Health Benefits of Flax Seeds

Health benefits of flax seeds: Prevention of chronic inflammation, breast, prostate and colon cancers, heart disease and diabetes. Ground flax seed has more nutrients than flax seed oil.

Continue reading "Health Benefits of Flax Seeds "

20+ Year Squamous Cell Carcinoma Survivor

The year was 1990. I was 47 and recently married to my beautiful wife to this day and we had just had a new baby girl enter our world. I was the kind

Continue reading "20+ Year Squamous Cell Carcinoma Survivor"

"An Awakening"

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago, I was like most people whose first thought was it is a death sentence. However, I found out later

Continue reading ""An Awakening""

B Cell Lymphoma Prognosis

B cell lymphoma prognosis depends on many factors such as the type of cancer, the treatment prescribed, your age and the stage of your tumor.

Continue reading "B Cell Lymphoma Prognosis"

Robotic Prostate Surgery - Latest Treatment on Prostate Cancer

Is robotic prostate surgery the best treatment for prostate cancer? Read Dr. David Samadi's opinion on robotic prostatectomy, the new prostate cancer treatment.

Continue reading "Robotic Prostate Surgery - Latest Treatment on Prostate Cancer"

Lupeol: Another Reason to Pile on Fruits and Veggies

One more reason to ditch that piece of cake for a cup of succulent strawberries is the results from a study done by researchers in The Hormel Institute.

According to the team of experts led by Dr. Mohammad Saleem, lupeol is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-mutagenic food chemical.

Lupeol is particularly helpful in making treatment-resistant prostate cancer cells become receptive to therapy. It also decreases PSA level.

More Info:Information on Prostate Cancer

Fruits such as strawberries, grapes and apples and vegetables such as cucumbers are particularly rich in lupeol. Extra virgin and virgin olive oils also contain a high level of lupeol.

More Info: Choosing the Best Olive Oils

Back to Healthy Eating Plans

Continue reading "
Lupeol: Another Reason to Pile on Fruits and Veggies"

Why Eat Anti Cancer Foods - Foods to Prevent Cancer

Eating anti cancer foods gives you a whole lot of health benefits. It is for the prevention of other diseases such as diabetes.

Continue reading "Why Eat Anti Cancer Foods - Foods to Prevent Cancer"

Information on Treatments for Lung Cancer

Treatments for lung cancer include surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Small and non small cell lung carcinomas require different treatment options.

Continue reading "Information on Treatments for Lung Cancer "

Proton Radiation Therapy

Proton radiation is a treatment for early cancers with better cure rate.Proton beam radiation has few or no side effects at all.It might be the best treatment for prostate and lung cancer.

Continue reading "Proton Radiation Therapy"

Prostate Cancer Questions and Answers

Got prostate cancer questions and answers are hard to find? Post your queries or those of somebody else here and get your answers at the same page.

Continue reading "Prostate Cancer Questions and Answers"

How to Colon Cleanse Naturally

How to colon cleanse naturally involves foods that act as cleansers such as fruits and raw vegetables. Drinking water and fasting are also methods on natural colon cleansing.

Continue reading "How to Colon Cleanse Naturally"

About My SBI Website

The story of my site: How I made it through SBI and how it is changing my life.

Continue reading "About My SBI Website"

Microwaveable Popcorn: Not Healthy At All

Popcorn is considered a healthy snack compared to potato chips but not when it's popped inside the microwave.

Here's why: The lining of those bags used for microwaveable popcorn may contain perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency lists PFOA as carcinogenic. According to Dr. David Carpenter, the director of the University of Albany's Institute for Health and Environment, PFOA is linked to cancer and it can also harm your immune, nervous and endocrine systems.

Making popcorn the old-fashioned way may be inconvenient and slow compared to popping a bag of it inside the microwave. But going inconvenient and slow is definitely safer for you and your family.

Why Should You Buy Organic Fruits and Vegetables

The National Cancer Institute recommends that you try to eat 9 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday to prevent cancer. Fruits such as apples and strawberries and vegetables such as spinach and bell peppers are considered as superfood. However, they expose you to potential risk for cancer if they are grown with the use of multiple pesticides. Fruits that have a large skin area such as apples absorb a lot of pesticides. Strawberries also have skin that is hard to wash. They are also eaten typically with their skins.

Thus, you end up absorbing those toxic chemicals from pesticides. As for vegetables, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found celery to be the most pesticide-contaminated vegetable. Bell peppers, spinach and even potatoes are also highly contaminated with pesticides. Exposure to pesticides makes you prone to cancer. This is why organic foods are better.

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